No hope and Bob Hope

Today is September 20. Technically, it is still summer. Mother Nature? You listening? Cause I'm not feelin' the whole summer-thing right now.

Example: I am wearing:
1. a short-sleeved shirt
2. a long sleeved shirt
3. a thick sweater
4. flannel pajama pants
5. a thin pair of socks
6. a thick, fluffy pair of socks
7. slippers



My roommates, both northerners, are wearing sweatshirts right now also so I know it's just my wimpy Texas self.

I am getting slightly concerned, though. If it's so cold in September, how the heck am I going to survive October, November, December, January and February?!?


Anonymous said...

Oh hush, you. I seriously thought I was going to pass out from the heat at Sam's soccer game today. There was NO shade, and it was like 92 frickin' degrees, and I was sweating and thirsty and MISERABLE.

I so miss fall in New England. I would trade places with you in a HEARTBEAT (but yes, you will think you are in the Arctic come around end of December/beginning of January. Bundle up.)

The Nanny said...

Solution: come visit me!

Monica H said...

We went test driving cars today and I swet all day. But I do sympathize with you because WE (Texans) are not cut out for the cold. When it's 50 outside we complain, so I can only imagine how you'll be come December. Sorry.

But I did spend a few years in the D.C. are and they have freakin' cold winters there too. But, alas, I survived and you will too. Call Lands End, they'll help you out. Their Weatherfield Boots and Jacket are awesome. They kept me downright toasty in Santa Fe last year skiing. ANd thwy're both on sale!

Jacket- http://www.landsend.com/pp/WeatherfieldDiamondQuiltedJacket~146500_59.html?bcc=y&action=order_more&sku_0=::DBB&CM_MERCH=IDX_00007__0000001029&origin=index

Boots- http://www.landsend.com/pp/WeatherfieldBoots~181869_-1.html?bcc=y&action=order_more&sku_0=::BFT&CM_MERCH=SRCH_00002&origin=search

Monica H said...

I'm such a dope. I SWEAT, not swet.

The Nanny said...

Thanks for the tips, Monica!