Miss Independence

No flu yet. But another professor came to class yesterday hacking and wheezing with a cold. EVERYONE is sick here. So far, so good for me...*leans over and knocks on wood* but I'm sure I can't evade this stuff forever.

I saw a sneak peek of The Duchess last night. Oh, Keira Knightley...your nose is so abnormally small. That's essentially what I was thinking during the entire movie. I liked the movie, but my roommates didn't, and since I tend to like almost everything, I'd take their opinion over mine. Ralph Fiennes played her husband in the film and when he came on screen we couldn't help but to sing "Voldemort, Voldemort, oh, Voldy, Voldy, Voldy..." a la Potter Puppet Pals.

Pardon me for twenty seconds while I brag. Yesterday, in my expository writing class (same class in which my prof had the flu), the professor said he was going to read out loud the best essay in the class. Um, it was mine. I was on cloud 9 for a good few hours after that.

I found a great little old-fashioned grocery store nearby. Have I mentioned that? It's way over-priced, but I spent several minutes there earlier today drooling over chickpea salad and vegetarian dolmas. But I just couldn't justify spending $5+ on teeny-tiny containers. Even if they did look DELICIOUS.

Today I met a Scottish Sean Connery. I was at Lenscrafters getting my eyeglasses tightened (after accidentally knocking them off my desk at 3 a.m. and getting them all bent out of whack) and the moment he said, "Euu've goht tight frayms" I knew I wanted curl up inside his voice and listen to him forever.

Speaking of knocking things off my desk at 3 a.m....apparently I flail about in my sleep. I knew I was a cover-hog, but every. single. morning. I wake up and my body pillow (which I am IN LOVE with), comforter and most of my sheet are all on the floor. I've started tucking the covers in around me at night to no avail. Suggestions? Velcro-ing the covers to me?

I got a Twitter account. But I was required to for one of my classes. I've permanently labled my status as "My Name is all atwitter" and I think I am just hilarious.


lifeofadancer312 said...

1) congrats on your essay!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! that's TOTALLY going to happen to me when my teacher reads my research paper i wrote last night...

AHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAH ohhh i crack myself up.

2) treat yourself once every two weeks to some overpriced dolmas... you deserve it sometimes!

3) get sean's number. give him my number. tell him to call me so i can listen to him and drool. thanks.


5) i want a body pillow!

6) i've gone through many emotions whilst typing this comment!

Monica H said...

Aw, your sister misses you and so do we :-)

Good job on having the best essay in class- that's awesome!

Say yes to dolmas, you already turned down Ben & Jerry's...treat yourself.

Suggestions on your bed situation: wear warm pajamas, because you're not gonna stop flailing.

The Nanny said...

Ahhh...dolmas...I am so craving them right now as I gorge myself on Veggie Booty, Wheat Thins and M&Ms trying to finish the 10 minute speech I have to present tomorrow morning.

I'm kicking myself for not buying them today.

Must do that tomorrow.

Franklin5 said...

Oh, Nanny. LOVE THIS POST, and am absolutely thrilled that you're having such a wonderful, wonder-filled experience. And! Sharing the best bits with us!

So... are you gonna share your Twitter account, too? C'mon, all the cool kids are doing it. (Keeping in mind that I am neither cool, nor a kid. But whatev.)

Take care...
mrs. f5 (frankin5 on the Twitter)

The Hoodies said...

I am so glad you aren't sick!! That is so awesome that the prof shared your paper! That must have been amazing to experience!

Ok, question on the Sean Connery thing....you said you met a Scottish Sean Connery, um, isn't the Sean Connery Scottish? I am almost certain he was born in Edinburgh and is Scottish....

I can be blonde so maybe I am missing something :-)

The Nanny said...

Mrs. F5--Honestly, my twitter is sadly neglected and only used when I have to ask my teacher a question (and then quickly re-update with "is all atwitter" because I am STILL laughing at myself for that). So...if you WANT to read it, I guess you could...but it's really nothing interesting? I may get a Nanny one.

The hoodies--Uh...yes...maybe Sean is? I thought he was Irish or British with a weird accent? I should really do my research before I post LOL!

The Nanny said...

Okay, okay, I created a Nanny twitter. I'm under TheOnlineNanny.

The Hoodies said...

I like the idea of SC being Irish or British with a weird accent--that gave me the middle of the night giggles (ok, it is only 11:20 and it is early in some circles, but with two little ones it might as well be 2 am).

Your twitter name is FUNNY! I am not sure I could twitter and if I did it would put everyone to sleep!