In the city...(come on, sing along)

I am here. And exhausted. And happy.

It hit me the other day that I was actually here, to stay, not going back until November for Thanksgiving, once I had changed my watch to reflect the time difference. I never change my watch when I go on vacation. I just leave it the same and add an hour, two hours, etc. But I changed it now, cause, well...I'm here for a while!

My first impression was that I LOVED the toilets in the airport bathroom. Why? Because they have a foot flusher for the toilet! No lifting up my foot to flush the toilet--I just had to step on the little foot flusher on the floor, and WHABAM, flushes! Too bad that's not in my dorm room.

It's very surreal here. I'm sitting on my dorm bed right now. I like my roommates a lot, which is good. We're crammed in here like sardines but it'll work. One thing that's very different from Texas is the forced interaction with people everywhere. In the subway, on the streets--everywhere. I'm so used to being holed up in my car going everywhere that it's completely weird to be just surrounded by people constantly. It's taking some getting used to!

Oh. And another thing? The smells here. I mean, most of it is great. But every now and again on the streets you'll get a nice strong whiff of urine that just overwhelms you. That part's not so great. But everything else, I like.

(P.S. Some pictures to follow. I still don't have one big box of stuff that I shipped up, but most everything else is in place.)

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Monica H said...

Glad you made it safely! I bet they don't put that their city smells like "urine" in their city brochure.

Ooh, and the toilet thing- that's so cool! I always flush the toilet with my foot and I almost lost a flip flop one time.

Hope you're loving it!