I don't like Ike

I know I've been posting a lot recently. Sorry--I'm just very, very busy and things pop into my head and I say, hey, I want to post that, and then forget it...so I'm trying to post things as I think about them.

But it's very weird watching Ike from afar. I feel this pull, this desire, to be back in Texas weathering (ha ha, no pun intended) out the storm with all you Texans, all of us banded together against a massive hurricane. My house isn't in any immediate danger, or so we think, but to know that there are so many of you in harm's way--and even to know that my home state (to which I feel now that I'm gone an inordinate amount of pride) might be damaged in any way, shape or form--makes me ache a little inside.

CNN is keeping me updated, and I'm crossing my fingers that Ike is a LOT less destructive than the weatherpeople are making him out to be, but still.

Who of you are in Ike's way? Are you evacuating? Or just hanging tight, hoping for the best?


lifeofadancer312 said...

Woohoooo! Ike!

Pupster is gonna LOOOVE this!

Monica H said...

Well you know where I live. I don't *think* we're in any real danger- just lots of rain and wind. I think it may be damaging to our gardens and our tree, but at least we'll be safe. We have underground utilities, so our elec. rarely goes out. Either way, I think we're prepared. We do have family that lives on the coast though, so I worry about them, but they have evacuated.

Only time will tell. I'm sure I'll be blogging about it if it gets really bad.

Anonymous said...

I've weathered worse over the years in Rhode Island, but we'll probably get some strong wind and rain tomorrow.

But it did royally fuck up my plans for the HFC 5k. And that just sucks.

The Nanny said...

:-( That's no fun. Can you not go up at all?

P.S. Flights were cheapest for me to fly in and out of Rhode Island when I'm traveling home for Thanksgiving and Christmas. I have to take a shuttle from College City on up every time.

Life ticks on said...

I dont live in it but my family does. They are still without power (which sucks!) but they are all safe and sound and no home damage was done so we are all thankful for that. I like you watched from afar and hoped everything turned out for the best for the loved ones.