Soggy Sweet Shrub

8:07 p.m.: staked out in the laundry room, reading, waiting to pounce on the first available washer.

8:13 p.m.: a washer finishes its load.

8:16 p.m.: owner comes to claim clothes.

8:19 p.m.: put down my book, load the washer, put in detergent, pay, and leave.

8:24 p.m.: where's my book?

8:25 p.m.: book's not in the laundry room.

8:26 p.m.: book's not in my dorm room.

8:27 p.m.: oh, no. *sprints back to washer*

8:27:23 p.m.: discover soapy wet book in the washing machine, along with all my clothes. its pages are stained by the pink post-it note I was using as a bookmark.

My book, drenched and smelling strongly of Mrs. Meyer's Baby Blossom Scented detergent

Stretched out on the windowsill, hopefully drying


Freshman 150

Why oh why do we keep doing this to ourselves?!?!?



Miss Independence

No flu yet. But another professor came to class yesterday hacking and wheezing with a cold. EVERYONE is sick here. So far, so good for me...*leans over and knocks on wood* but I'm sure I can't evade this stuff forever.

I saw a sneak peek of The Duchess last night. Oh, Keira Knightley...your nose is so abnormally small. That's essentially what I was thinking during the entire movie. I liked the movie, but my roommates didn't, and since I tend to like almost everything, I'd take their opinion over mine. Ralph Fiennes played her husband in the film and when he came on screen we couldn't help but to sing "Voldemort, Voldemort, oh, Voldy, Voldy, Voldy..." a la Potter Puppet Pals.

Pardon me for twenty seconds while I brag. Yesterday, in my expository writing class (same class in which my prof had the flu), the professor said he was going to read out loud the best essay in the class. Um, it was mine. I was on cloud 9 for a good few hours after that.

I found a great little old-fashioned grocery store nearby. Have I mentioned that? It's way over-priced, but I spent several minutes there earlier today drooling over chickpea salad and vegetarian dolmas. But I just couldn't justify spending $5+ on teeny-tiny containers. Even if they did look DELICIOUS.

Today I met a Scottish Sean Connery. I was at Lenscrafters getting my eyeglasses tightened (after accidentally knocking them off my desk at 3 a.m. and getting them all bent out of whack) and the moment he said, "Euu've goht tight frayms" I knew I wanted curl up inside his voice and listen to him forever.

Speaking of knocking things off my desk at 3 a.m....apparently I flail about in my sleep. I knew I was a cover-hog, but every. single. morning. I wake up and my body pillow (which I am IN LOVE with), comforter and most of my sheet are all on the floor. I've started tucking the covers in around me at night to no avail. Suggestions? Velcro-ing the covers to me?

I got a Twitter account. But I was required to for one of my classes. I've permanently labled my status as "My Name is all atwitter" and I think I am just hilarious.


I'm gonna need lots and lots of orange juice...

One of my professors came in today with the flu. He looked awful. And sounded awful. But the entire class long, instead of concentrating on expository writing (oh yeah), I was thinking, please don't let me get the flu, please don't let me get the flu, PLEASE DON'T LET ME GET THE FLU!

I did notice, however, that he misspelled the word "heroes" on the white board.

But since I suspect that he was under the influence of extremely strong flu medicine, I'll let him off the hook. But just this once.

Even though he still is making us turn in our paper on Wednesday. We had suggested that for his health, he shouldn't have to worry about grading anything until he's alllll better. But he wasn't going for that.

Please, please, PLEASE don't let me get the flu!


No hope and Bob Hope

Today is September 20. Technically, it is still summer. Mother Nature? You listening? Cause I'm not feelin' the whole summer-thing right now.

Example: I am wearing:
1. a short-sleeved shirt
2. a long sleeved shirt
3. a thick sweater
4. flannel pajama pants
5. a thin pair of socks
6. a thick, fluffy pair of socks
7. slippers



My roommates, both northerners, are wearing sweatshirts right now also so I know it's just my wimpy Texas self.

I am getting slightly concerned, though. If it's so cold in September, how the heck am I going to survive October, November, December, January and February?!?


Does this college make me look fat?

You guys.

I just did something I never thought I'd do.

It was an exercise of incredible self-restraint. I'm still slightly in shock that I didn't give in.

What is it, you say?

Well. I'll tell you.

The roomies went to Ben & Jerry's and I didn't go.





There we go.

I'm not kidding, you guys. It was soooooo tempting. But seeing as I've been eating nothing but junk food (welcome to college, huh?) since I've been here, and my jeans are already feeling snug, I said no. I know. I can't believe it either.

And in another out-of-my-ordinary action, I walked up to 7-11 and bought yogurt. YOGURT. I'm going to try to start eating that now for breakfast instead of the pancakes, waffles, french toast and huge bagels the dining hall serves on a daily basis. Or the access to soft-serve and chocolate sauce 24/7.

oh lord, help me, I so do not want to weigh 500 pounds before summer...

Edited to add: They had hush puppies the size of my FIST today in the dining hall. I may or may not have had two. I'm not makin' it out of this place alive.


Sorry, politics

I was going to go to the MySchool Democrats meeting tonight here at ol' Dream School...until I found out that the premiere of House is on at the same time. Ahhhh it's a tough one, but House wins because Fox doesn't post the episodes online until 8 DAYS after they air.

I'll go to the next meeting. Promise.

P.S. What did I do all day? 4 loads of laundry. That's a hefty $10 I'll never see again. Oh, and went to class, too. Now it's homework time. Actually...it's always homework time. I told D. that college is a TON of work--but it's easier than high school because you can do homework during the day between classes AND at night, not just at night. (Hahahaha. I know. Homework during the day in between classes. I crack myself up.)

P.P.S. Soooooooo tired. Can you tell?

P.P.P.S. By my estimation, I'll hit visitor number 15,000 tonight. Very soon, actually. If it's you (counter is at the bottom), leave a comment, and you'll win a prize. No really--an actual prize!


I don't like Ike

I know I've been posting a lot recently. Sorry--I'm just very, very busy and things pop into my head and I say, hey, I want to post that, and then forget it...so I'm trying to post things as I think about them.

But it's very weird watching Ike from afar. I feel this pull, this desire, to be back in Texas weathering (ha ha, no pun intended) out the storm with all you Texans, all of us banded together against a massive hurricane. My house isn't in any immediate danger, or so we think, but to know that there are so many of you in harm's way--and even to know that my home state (to which I feel now that I'm gone an inordinate amount of pride) might be damaged in any way, shape or form--makes me ache a little inside.

CNN is keeping me updated, and I'm crossing my fingers that Ike is a LOT less destructive than the weatherpeople are making him out to be, but still.

Who of you are in Ike's way? Are you evacuating? Or just hanging tight, hoping for the best?


The last straw

I'm sorry, but I absolutely will not support Sarah Palin, not now, not EVER, after reading that going to war with RUSSIA is plausible or in ANY way a good idea in her eyes. Not that I would have supported her now, but holy SHIT does that scare me.

Source: ABC World News Tonight via People.com

Signals and sirens and smoke, oh my!

Let me tell you, there's never a dull moment around here! This morning, my morning to sleep in, I was awoken from a dead sleep to a blaring fire alarm--screaming at me to GETOUTOFBEDANDOUTTHEBUILDING.


First, let me preface this by saying: my school is in the middle of redoing their fire escape plans for my dormitory, which is 12 stories tall (I'm on the 5th). The only way to get outside in a fire is through ONE SMALL SPIRAL staircase, which is approximately one person deep. It's scary enough to walk down that thing when you're not in a hurry, much less in a crowd of 750+ students rushing down to get out of a fire.

But anyway. Bright and early this morning, the alarm goes off. At first I think it's my clock alarm telling me it's time to get up, but I realize pretty quickly with the flashing lights that it's something different. Without even thinking, I'm immediately up and out of bed, and so are my roommates. For a brief second, we all look at each other and wonder, "Is this real?" but then we realized, uh, YEAH, this is real.

The next few seconds were a haze of grabbing my ID and room keys--thank GOD I remembered those, I wouldn't have been able to get back into my building without them--cell phone, and tugging on shoes and a sweater. My room is most always hot, so I was sleeping in an oversized t-shirt and Soffe's (short shorts), but I somehow had enough presence of mind to realize well, it's not going to be so hot outside that I needed something warmer.

After that, I took a last fleeting glance at my dorm room and all of my stuff, hoping that I'd get to see it again all in one piece. And then we started flying down the stairs.

In the stairwell the sound was murderous. Hundreds of students pounding downstairs as fast as they could. I got swept up in it, separated from my roommates, just trying to make it outside and not knowing where, if there was one, the fire was. I think I made it down 5 full flights of stairs in about 2 minutes without even thinking about it. I wasn't even out of breath. Adrenaline had REALLY kicked in and I felt like I could lift cars up and walk across buildings in a single bound--but first I needed to get outside.

Which I did. My dorm is across from a very large and well-known park/common area, and that's where we have to evacuate to. So we did. 750+ students, shivering in their pajamas, wondering what was happening. I reunited with my roommates and we just waited. Within what seemed like a minute (but was probably longer), two fire trucks arrived. I couldn't see much but I took a picture with my cell phone and was texting my parents and D, letting them know what was going on. A bit after that, everything was cleared and we were allowed to go back inside. Up 5 flights of stairs again, but I hardly felt anything. The adrenaline was still pulsing through my body. It was the weirdest, most empowering feeling.

So now I'm back in my room, wide awake. My roommate pointed out that today is Sept. 11--how weird is that? I'll answer. Very, very weird.

And all, as it turns out, because Dunkin' Donuts (which is at the bottom of my dorm building) burned some pastries downstairs.


Surviving, but barely

It's day 2 here at Dream School and I've now been to each of my 4 classes. Let me tell y'all. They don't mess around at this school. I've been assigned so much work (and I went to an academically rigorous high school and had hours and hours of homework each night) that I'm not quite sure how I'm going to manage to stay afloat this year. I thought about taking a work study job, but to be honest, I'd collapse in fatigue if I have to add another thing onto my schedule!

That's the downside of going to such a small school so focused on one specific area. It's really, really hard to get into (I found out there's an 8.5% acceptant rate--yay me for getting in!) and it's a lot, lot, LOT of work. They really accept nothing but the absolute best and aren't afraid to work you to the bone here. Don't get me wrong, I love my classes. They're all interesting (even though I only requested one of them, and just got put in the rest) and my professors are fantastic.

My schedule looks like this:
Class 1: MWF 8:30-9:45
Class 2: MW 12:00-1:45
Class 3: MWF 2:30-3:45
Class 4: TTh 4-5:45

And I only thought I'd have a bit of downtime on Tuesdays and Thursdays! Nope, I'll be playing catch up from Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. I've talked to several other friends at other schools and they don't have near as much work. Oh well, I suppose it's worth it in the end? And there's no time to get homesick!

OH. And I have a problem. It's a pretty big problem and I don't really know or see a solution in sight. So I come to you, dear blog readers, begging for help.

It's about a shower. To be more specific, the showers here at Dream School. Like all dorm showers, they're pretty tiny. Not much room to move around. So shaving my legs has become rather difficult. There's nowhere on which to prop your legs and nothing to hold on to. It's an incredibly difficult balancing act--coming from someone who has absolutely no coordination whatsoever, this is a challenge.

So. I know I'm not the first person to come across this problem. So do y'all have any solutions??? I can't shave my legs into the sink because, well, a) ew and b) there's nowhere to sit.

And before I leave...my incredibly punny moment the other day:

Look at me, I'm kissing ass!


Thank god for a Hawaiian breeze

Have I mentioned that in my dorm room, we don't have a thermostat, but instead the suite of SIX BOYS next door controls our heating and air conditioning?

That makes for very schizophrenic room temperatures.

Fan/comforter/open windows/lots of blankets.

P.S. Have I told y'all that my dorm room was once the largest brothel in My City, but had to be closed down because of an outbreak of the clap?

P.P.S. I am the most gullible person you'll ever meet. There was a sign downstairs that said "13th floor pool now open," and silly me went "Oh! I'll have to go check it out!" not realizing that not only is there no pool in the building, but there is also NO 13TH FLOOR.


Classes start tomorrow. I'm taking 4 of them, not my first choices, but more required classes that I need to get out of the way. I stocked up on school supplies today (don't get me STARTED on the prices) and waxed nostalgic for times passed. Now I'm just waiting for the dining hall to open in an hour. Surprisingly, the food is REALLY good here. They have a ton of stuff for vegetarians/vegans so I fit right in.

P.P.P.S. Yesterday, in a stroke of genius, I made a very clever and punny joke. I'm quite proud of it, and still giggling about it 24 hours later. There are pictures up on my roommate's Facebook, and I debated posting them here, but my face is involved. I've got large sunglasses on and am turned sideways, but still. Should I post them? Should I not? Ahhh. So difficult to stay anonymous.



P.S. There is a donut store RIGHT DOWN from my dorm room. We leave our window open 24/7 and it is so. so. SO. unfair to smell baking donuts all the time...Lord have mercy on me...if I start eating those I'll never stop.

Confidence and a flying pig

It was a year ago today that I started this blog. I never in a million years would have thought that things with the R.'s would have turned so badly, or that I'd actually be here, here, so far away from everything and everyone I know. But I've made it and am better for all of it. So happy one year anniversary to my dear blog, and many, many thank yous to you readers--for being here for me, for reading...it means so much.

I'm becoming more comfortable here. I really do like it a lot. I semi-know my way around my little area surrounding my college, I've found out there's a Ben & Jerry's within walking distance (YES! YES! YES!), and the gardens nearby are lovely. Last night we went to Little Italy (I feel okay saying that because there are Little Italys in most every big city) and had dinner at a great little place. If you ever come here, I'll take you there. Try the butternut squash ravioli. Apparently it's to die for.

My dorm room is coming along. I got my last big box of stuff in yesterday, and a very nice sophomore named Nick helped me carry it up to my room. Warm clothes are here, yay! Bring on the winter!

One thing that I could definitely do without here is all the smoking. I suppose I'm spoiled, coming from a city where it's illegal in restaurants and such and I can hole up in my car with the windows up to get places. But it's everywhere here. The entire bottom floor of my dorm is permeated by the thick smoke from students outside.

This post is very disjointed. As are my thoughts these days. But I find, as my feet slap, slap, slap the pavement, they now echo My city. My city. My city.


In the city...(come on, sing along)

I am here. And exhausted. And happy.

It hit me the other day that I was actually here, to stay, not going back until November for Thanksgiving, once I had changed my watch to reflect the time difference. I never change my watch when I go on vacation. I just leave it the same and add an hour, two hours, etc. But I changed it now, cause, well...I'm here for a while!

My first impression was that I LOVED the toilets in the airport bathroom. Why? Because they have a foot flusher for the toilet! No lifting up my foot to flush the toilet--I just had to step on the little foot flusher on the floor, and WHABAM, flushes! Too bad that's not in my dorm room.

It's very surreal here. I'm sitting on my dorm bed right now. I like my roommates a lot, which is good. We're crammed in here like sardines but it'll work. One thing that's very different from Texas is the forced interaction with people everywhere. In the subway, on the streets--everywhere. I'm so used to being holed up in my car going everywhere that it's completely weird to be just surrounded by people constantly. It's taking some getting used to!

Oh. And another thing? The smells here. I mean, most of it is great. But every now and again on the streets you'll get a nice strong whiff of urine that just overwhelms you. That part's not so great. But everything else, I like.

(P.S. Some pictures to follow. I still don't have one big box of stuff that I shipped up, but most everything else is in place.)