Yeah, you can hate me

Upon further talks with my roommates, I discovered that I am just about the luckiest girl in the entire world.


My roommate from Connecticut, Becca, is bringing the following (and my roommate from New York, Alex, and I are welcome to use these anytime):

1) A flat screen TV with built-in DVD player
2) A microwave
3) A printer/copier
4) An iron/ironing board
5) A large, colorful rug.

Seriously? That's awesome. Like. I don't even have a flat screen in my entire HOUSE and yet I'm going to have one in my dorm room. Too cool for school, y'all.

Also, I need y'all to weigh in on The Great Debate of 2008. I bought a comforter for my dorm room that I absolutely LOVE. Love love LOVE. However, everybody (except D.) hates it. They all say it's ugly. But I love it! So I'm gonna let y'all give me your input.

Here it is:

Yes. Those are OWLS. How freaking cool is that???

So you can leave your answers in the comments section, if you so desire. Whaddya say? Love it or hate it?


Juicebox Mom said...

I LOVE your comforter, that's exactly my style, too!

BTW...you ARE gonna continue this blog during college, aren't you??

The Nanny said...

Thank you! And yes, of course I am :-)

Furrow said...

Absolutely love it. Don't listen to the haters.

pithydithy said...

I LOVE it too!!!!! And are you going to give us some better hints about which school Dream School is, exactly?

Anonymous said...

Way cool. Parakeets would have been better, maybe, but way cool.

The Nanny said...

Pithy, I e-mailed you.

Anon (though I'm pretty sure I know who you are...), perhaps the little yellow birdies could be parakeets?

Monica H said...

I know you want everyone to like the things you "Love love LOVE.", but why do you care what others think of your bedding? It's going to be in your dorm room and YOU are the one sleeping and looking at it everday. Just for the record, I do think it's really fun and cute. Is it organic bedding like you were looking for? Also, I thought you had to get custom bedding made for the relaly long beds in the dorm rooms???

Where did you find the comforter?

yay for a flat screen!

Monica H said...

BTW, I wanna know where you're going to school. I've wondered for a long time and just forgot to ask. Will you email me please?

sassyshell said...

Very very cool comforter! I think owls are symbols for wisdom (could be wrong!) so they are very appropriate for school :)

The Nanny said...

Monica, I'd still love it whether y'all did or not, don't worry :-)

The comforter cover--the owl one--itself is organic (yeah!!!) but the down comforter inside it isn't, just for price reasons. It's Pottery Barn, which is somewhere I've never shopped at before just cause of its prices, but I found a great deal on this one. Everything else I got was Target, including the twin XL sheets ($8 bucks! Sweet!).

And I'll e-mail you.

Anonymous said...

i want to know where you are going to school too.
will you email me?


Anonymous said...

Love it!