Well, I called Dr. C. and asked her to fit me in tomorrow, but tomorrow's her day off. Instead, we talked on the phone for a while about everything. In the end, she encouraged me to just call Mrs. R. and acknowledge the phone call, and ask for a few days to think about everything since I've just gotten back in town. I knew Mrs. R. wouldn't be happy, but I aquiesced.

Here's how the phone call went down:

Mrs. R.: Hello?
Me: Hi, Mrs. R., it's Nanny.
Mrs. R.: Hi.
Me: I got your message, and I was wondering if I could just have a few days to think about everything. I just got back into town.
Mrs. R.: Well, A.'s just been asking about you a lot. And wondering if she could see you.
Me: Yeah. I just need a few days and I'll call you about this.
Mrs. R. (in a ruder tone): Well, if it's going to be a big thing than just say no!
Me: I just need a few days to think. And I'll call you then.
Mrs. R.: Well, okay. Just give me some notice if you're going to say no so I can prepare A.
Me: Thanks.
Mrs. R.: Bye.

And that was it. Pretty much as I expected. It was weird, and a bit surreal, to hear her voice again after so long. It's just...blah. That just about sums everything up. Blah.

I'm relieved the call is over, and after I've talked more to Dr. C. on Friday morning I'll update you guys. In the meantime, I'm watching the Olympics and reading "Cold Mountain" for the third time. If I ever have a daughter, I want to name her after Ruby Thewes!


Monica H said...

What a bitch! I was going to give you my suggestions on handling the matter, but never mind. You did great and she's still a bitch.


pithydithy said...

Some notice if you're going to say no? Does that make sense somehow and I'm just dense? I mean, if you've decided to say no, you'll say it. Notice?


I don't think that we ever really heard the full deal with the Rs, so I won't try to offer advice or judgment or anything. But I'll be thinking of you.

The Nanny said...

Pithy--I thought that was weird, too. I don't know why she said that.

Furrow said...

Ugh. That sucks. She sounds very difficult. Follow your instincts.