Today & tomorrow

Here's a little sample of how my day went today, and how it's going to be tomorrow:


Before 10 a.m.: getting medical forms for college filled out, on the phone with drs offices scheduling appointments
10 a.m. run immunization form by my old dr
10:30 a.m. to mall to pick up blue jeans, make up, etc.
1 p.m. lunch
2 p.m. dr appt
3 p.m. run by the phone store to replace my (broken key-d phone), find out I'll have to come back later
3:15 p.m. menengitis shot (woohoo!)
3:35 p.m. back to phone store, find out they actually can't help me and I have to go to a new phone store that takes me 20 minutes to find
4:10 p.m. new phone store, they tell me it'll take 20 minutes to replace the phone & add in all my contacts
5:10 p.m. I go back up to the counter, they tell me it'll be 20 more minutes (GRRR)
5:35 p.m. I finally walk out of the phone store, new phone in hand
6 p.m. to D.'s, where we watch Bill Clinton's speech (awesome, almost as good as Hillary's yesterday. Have I mentioned how much I love them lately? I so wish Hillary had gotten the nomination...though I would vote for Michelle Obama for prez too.) and make t-shirts for D.'s brother's football game tomorrow.

Got all that? that's THREE different doctors, TWO phone stores, ONE mall and a partrige in a pear tree.


9 a.m. try on new jeans and clothes to figure out what needs to be tailored
9:20 a.m. leave for eye doctor
11:30 a.m. run to tailor & grocery store to pick up Texas-shaped tortilla chips for my roommates
1 p.m. have to be home to let people in for a photo shoot (don't ask)
1:30 more clothes blah
2 p.m. finish getting stuff together for the new person replacing me as an administrative assistant
after that--copius amounts of laundry & finishing stupid summer reading
4 p.m. leave for D.'s brother's football game
5 p.m. football game.

and then there's packing.