A tremendous feat

Today I did jury duty. To sum it up: I was pleasantly surprised by how nice all the workers there were, given that they do the same shpiel every day, and sorely disappointed that I wasn't chosen for a high-profile and excitingly gruesome crime.

BUT. The highlight of my day?

I navigated downtown My City all by myself!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This is almost as exciting as my grand successful haircut!!!!!

My City is quite large and, through the years of schlepping myself around town, I've learned to navigate it fairly proficiently. Except downtown. Downtown My City is a horrible mess of one-way streets and very small street signs. I hate it. I truly do.

Last weekend D. and I had to go downtown for something and we got so frustratingly lost (my fault) and annoyed that the following conversation took place:


and, at another point on that same day, consumed with trying to figure out which way was where and why and how, I took off driving with my emergency blinkers on, exasperating poor D. to near tears.

It is a good thing D. is a kindhearted person. A less patient soul would have kicked me out of the car LONG ago.

ANYWAY. On my way into jury duty (at the crack of dawn), I followed someone to the courthouse, got there in record time and all was well. But on the way home I was on. my. own.

I had google-mapped directions, but those have been known to fail me (i.e., I accidentally skip entire lines of the directions and end up hopelessly befuddled). So I was pretty much relying on my gut and little knowledge of downtown My City's layout.

And I did it.

I did it, I did it, I did it! Come on, sing with me! This is big news, here!!!

Ahhh. I am so freaking proud of myself that I can hardly stand it.

Next up? Pupster Max needs shots at the vet. Poor guy.

OH! But the best part of my day so far? Meeting a guy today named Theodre (Thee-OH-druh) Digglebus. I kid you not.

Update on Max: The poor puppy had to have THREE shots, a poop and pee sample, heartworm test AND blood drawn. Below is the picture of the "bandaid" they put on his arm for the blood draw :-)


Monica H said...

Poor Max!

I hate driving downtown with a passion! I'll never understand why there are so many darn one-way streets!!!

Carole said...

Poor Max. Hope he's feeling better after so many shots.

Yay for navigating downtown!!! That's awesome.

Juicebox Mom said...

I've always wanted to be on a jury just to see what it's like...unfortunately never even been called :-( You got farther than me at least, Nanny!