Somebody's in trouble...

That's right. Pupster Max is in t-r-o-u-b-l-e.

While in my room earlier tonight, I heard a crunching sound coming from underneath my bed. Mmmhmm. Max was crouched down in the far corner chewing on something. I was a bit worried because yesterday he left a (live) baby possum on the carpet and I was freaked that he was chewing little tiny animal bones.


Once we had lured him out from under the bed, I saw what he was chewing was small and pink.

Small and pink...

That's vaguely familiar...

What could that be?

No way--it couldn't be that. I never put that where he can reach it!

Oh god. Oh no. Oh no, oh no, oh no, EW.


It was my (several hundred dollar) retainer.

Ohhhhhh, Maxxxxxxx...whoooo doggy was he in trouble. Luckily he didn't break it or even damage it--it's just really, really gross to think I'll have to put that back into my mouth. Yeah, yeah, dog mouths are cleaner than human mouths, I DON'T CARE. IT'S STILL GROSS.

What's the grossest/most weird thing your dog/cat/bird/obscure animal has ever eaten or drug in?


Monica H said...

I thought you were talking about something else small and pink- and I thought double eewwww!

Autumn used to chew on baseboards- all the way through to the metal trim. So we sprayed it with bitter apple spray. She liked it. So we doused the area with jalapeno juice. And guess what? She like it.

Something gross? She ate a really long piece of string from somewhere- a towel maybe ??? Who knows. But she went poop one time and the string was half in her and half out!!! She kept scooting her butt to try to get it out and couldn't, so I had to pull it out- ugh- I think I just barfed a little in my mouth.

Juicebox Mom said...

In college, my cat brought me a long (and alive) black snake and dropped it on the foot of my bed for me while I was sound asleep. It took about 2-3 minutes to wake up and figure out what was going on. I swear the only thing that that kept me from dying right there of a heart attack or stroke was my young age. She was using the dryer vent as a doggie/kitty door, i found out later. I still freak out when I think of that.

The Nanny said...

Monica, what did you think it was?!?!?

Monica H said...

I really don't remember what she ate, but I knew eventually it would come out. We never kept stuff like that around, so I can only imagine that it was a loose string from a towel...whatever it was, it was gross!

I know it was red, but that's all I really remember.