A momentous occasion


I have big news.

Something happened yesterday that has never ever happened to me before.

I honestly did not think it ever would.

It was amazing. It still is.

I got a haircut I actually like.


I hate having my hair cut. I get all nervous and sweaty-palmed because what if I don't like it? It takes forever and a day to grow back! My hair! My gorgeous hair! WHAT IF THEY PERMENANTLY DAMAGE MY HAIR? I always wait until I just can't stand it anymore to have it cut. It is a problem, I know.

Recently I found a guy I liked to cut my hair...I mean, I hated how my hair looked right after he cut it but a week or so later it was okay. Anyway, I desperately needed a haircut and so I finally resigned and scheduled one for yesterday.

I was so nervous.

I got there and signed in and waited. And waited. And waited.

About 20 minutes later I went back up to the desk and asked if he'd be ready for me soon. Problem was...nobody knew where he was. The receptionist called him and guess what! He was at home. Asleep. Oops, huh?

They told me they could find someone else to cut my hair, and since I am even more cheap (won't pay to drive the 25 mins to get my hair cut twice if I can help it) than I am afraid of haircuts, I said okay. They sent out a young woman with absolutely insane hair. I could feel my heart rate rise dramatically.

"Hi, I'm JJ," she said.

She promised to be gentle.

She led me back to her chair, sat me down, and asked me what I wanted. I told her, vaguely gesturing to this and that, peppering my description with "But I'm really, really nervous and very conservative and scared about my hair so PLEASE nothing crazy!"

And then she started.

An hour and fifteen minutes later, it was done. I unclenched my fists and slowly opened one eye. And then the other.

And then my heart swooned.

I LOVED IT. I was so happy! Even today, now, 24+ hours later and I've shampooed and dried it all on my own, I still love it! It's just utterly and ridiculously cute, if I do say so myself.

So I tip my hat to the gods of Fate, thank them for sending me JJ, and go to sleep a happier woman.


sassyshell said...

CONGRATULATIONS! How wonderful and exciting! Finding a good hair person is such a challenge, I am so happy for you. :) Any chance of a picture of the fabulous haircut?

Anonymous said...

No picture? You're such a tease.

I am nervously contemplating bangs for my August 5th haircut.

The Nanny said...

Oh, girl, don't get me started about bangs...I was scarred for life for having them for 13 years as a child. I will never go back. I do have rather large swoopy side bangs now, but I think they're okay.

Bangs. *shudders*

P.S. Perhaps a picture. But it'll probably be from the back so you can't see my face ;-)

Monica H said...

I had a lady with platinum blond rocker hair do my first highlights- I should have known better!

Congrats on the new 'do.

Monica H said...

Nanny, you could just wear a mask or cover your face and have someone else take the pic.

bTW, I want to see your bracelet and ring!

RockCity said...

Congrats! I am still waiting for my 'first haircut of my life that i like', you are giving me hope :-) it's out there, it's possible.

The Nanny said...

Okay, okay! I promise pictures tomorrow.