I thought I was getting over it

I went through some old papers I had lying on my desk tonight.

There was a stack of reciepts.

One was from this time last year--the local aquarium.

A fish-shaped cheeze pizza, a kids milk, a house salad, and a water.

E. and me.

And I cried.


Monica C. said...

Oh.. I hate those reminders that come out of no where and hit you. I remember when you were going through that difficult time. I hope time can dull the pain.

Monica H said...

I'm sorry Nanny.

BTW, I tried to leave a comment on the last post, but you turned them off.

I think you should get the bracelet resized and get the ring. Is it possible to do them at different times so you don't have to fork over so much at once? Also, check with other jewelers to see how much they'd charge you.

The Nanny said...

Well, we've been to this jeweler's before and we really like them--it's in an antique mall and they're good, honest people so I know they're giving me a reasonable price. I went ahead and got the ring and bracelet done. I figured I wouldn't want to mess with getting it done once I've moved up north next month (!).