So today I spent a while at the local jeweler's talking about getting a bracelet resized. I just got it last week--it's a nice one, passed on from my beloved great-aunt who died a few years ago. Gold and teeny-tiny diamonds. It's way too big and falls off my wrist easily. The jeweler recommended that I take off 6 links, which I expected. I had been planning to use the leftover diamonds and turn them into a ring, cause, gosh, I love diamond rings. It wouldn't be anything flashy, just a little white gold band with the six diamonds in a row.

Total cost of everything: about $250. Ouch. With college looming, I don't exactly have a lot of spare change--I'm definitely on a budget. But with the number of extra jobs I'm picking up this summer (i.e., dog sitting for D. while she's in Europe) I will have some extra cash. I had almost justified going for it in my mind...until I saw this on Post Secret.

After spending several moments feeling incredibly guilty about wanting to spend $250 on fixing a bracelet and getting a ring, I decided to stop moping and do something. I'm going to make a donation to Hopeline, and I hope you'll think about doing so, too. Doesn't mean I'm not getting the ring--but I'm more than willing to sacrifice other things in order to give where it's needed. What about you?