And the last word is "love"

We went to church today to see Kathleen. I was expecting her to be frail and weak...but she looked fabulous. Strong and healthy. You'd never know she was so very sick inside. She told us the "one-last-chemo-hope" treatment the other day helped her to feel a lot better today. I was so happy about that. We also got to see her sweet little 4 1/2 year old boy who, like his mother, is vivacious and so full of life.

I think we're going to try to get together for dinner sometime soon. But in the back of my mind echoes the thought, What if we plan for a dinner...and she doesn't make it til then?

Though the service today wasn't really my thing, her sermon did touch me. One of the things she said really resonated with me as being utterly, truly her--the very essence of her being. She was quoting some scripture (forgive me, I can't remember or keep track of which one) which ended with, "And the last word is love."

That gave me a feeling of peace with this whole crummy situation. Kathleen is leaving us far before her time...but gracefully, and so lovingly. The last emotion she will feel will be complete and everlasting love.


Carole said...

She sounds like a truly beautiful person. May her last days be filled with the love of her family.

Monica H said...

I'm glad she was feeling well enough to give her sermon. She sounds like a strong beautiful woman.

Monica said...

I bet this moment will stay with you forever. You should tell her that.

Furrow said...

It's wonderful that you are planning to spend time with her. It's too easy to turn away from other people's sorrow. Because it's so hard to face it.

Tru said...

that's beautiful

BTWs- wondering how you got that thing on your computer that says when new posts appear.