The post in which I eat my words

Remember this post? Yeah. Well I take it back. The whole loving nannying thing. Well, at least parts of it.

Like the part where I'm up before the sun playing "Dora the Explorer Old Maid" with Natty's youngest sister.

*chugs coffee*

I've been staying overnight with Natty and her sisters about once a month for several months now. I do love it...I just wish they'd sleep a bit more. Especially since I was up past 1 a.m. reading Harry Potter 6 (don't they know I can't put it down??? Can't they let me sleep in??? HUH???).

Invariably, Natty will end up in bed with me at some point during the night. She and I are almost exactly alike in personality, and in anxiety. She hates it when her parents are out of town and gets scared very easily at night. This has gone on since she was a little girl (I've been babysitting/nannying off and on for them for about 5 years now), and so much of her fears remind me of myself, so I completely understand. Ironically, I'm less anxious while sleeping over there because I go into Momma Mode. My first priority is taking care of those girls and ain't nothin' gonna get in my way.

The second oldest girl, Belle, is a lot like my younger sister. They're similar in a lot of ways. Then Bean is a fiery elf of a little girl, and Liv, the baby of the four, is spoiled sweetly by everyone.

One of my favorite parts of staying long-term with a family is getting to grow with the kids. The first time I sat for them, Livie was a tiny squeak in my arms. Now she's going into first grade. Where does the time go?

Where does the time go? Honestly, yesterday I was in third grade in Mrs. Lewis's class and we were reading aloud from a book about American Indians. Or I was in sixth grade, nervously getting ready for my first school dance. Or pulling on cap and gown for my high school graduation. My childhood is over, I'm way past legally being an adult. But I love the innocence of children; I love their happiness. I think that's one reason I'm so committed to nannying. The light, airy spirit of little ones is so contagious.