Out and about

Today, while running errands, I ran into a boy (well, now man) with whom I went to elementary school. I was on the phone in the middle of a crowded mall. He walked out of a store just as I walked past it...we locked eyes for a split second and I thought, Fuck, that's Jason. He looked away, and then I saw a spark of recognition in his eyes and he looked back at me, and for that millisecond we both knew it was the other, and then we had both walked on and the moment was over.


At Macy's, I was in the Intimates department picking up a bra. A woman walked up behind me, a small shadow of a woman with her arms folded so tightly across her chest it seemed as if she wanted to be invisible. "Can I help you?" asked the saleslady, abruptly. "Yes," the woman said softly. "I just had...I had a lumpectomy, and...I need a new bra."

"Oh," the saleslady said. I could tell she had no clue what a lumpectomy was. "What size are you?"

The woman looked down. "I don't know, now that ..." she trailed off.

The saleslady looked her up and down. Then she turned to the side, to whom I presumed was her manager, and said, "This lady needs help. She had, uh, what did you say?"

"A lumpectomy," the woman whispered.

"A lumpectomy," the saleslady repeated, loudly. "She needs to be measured cause she don't know her size."

"And...I need a bra with no underwire on the side. It digs in and it hurts, now," the woman said. She looked as though she might cry. My heart hurt for her.

"Oh..." the saleslady said. "We can't help you here. I don't know of any bra without wire." She looked at the manager. "Can we?"

The manager looked at the lady and shook her head. "No. We don't have anything for you."

The lady whispered a thank-you and slipped away so fast I didn't even see where she disappeared to.


Later, at Target, I almost bumped into a tall, tan guy. "Oh, sorry," I said, and he echoed. It wasn't until a few steps later that I realized, Fuck, that was Dimitri, another kid I knew from elementary school

Small world. Weird day.


Monica H said...

You said "Fuck" twice! I'm so proud of you :-)

The bra story makes me sad. I wish I could have been there to help her. I hate stupid sales people who don't know shit about their own products and customer service.

The Nanny said...

I actually debated calling Macy's to complain about how insensitive their salesladies were. Haven't decided not to, yet.

Saint Richard said...

I don't know if I would make that effort to call either, but I wish you would. More of us need to stick up for people that woman.

P.S. Your blog looks ever so much nicer. Can't quite put my finger on what it is.


Anonymous said...

wow that was the most depressing thing i've seen all day.
like really.

i'm going to go find something happy.

(when's d coming home? is she home?)

also not signing in because i'm lazy.

three guesses who.