My Volvo gets more mail than I do

Damien got this in the mail yesterday:

Yup, it's time for my beloved car's 360,000 mile check-up. *sigh* It seems like just yesterday he was turning 333,333...

And I got something in the mail yesterday, too.

It was a letter from Dream School, which as of now I'm just going to call 'College,' because I am too lazy to type out 'Dream School' multiple times.

College was writing to inform me that their dorm room beds were, uh...abnormally long. (Gosh, which is perfect for me, being 4'11 and all...) Anyway, regular twin sheets do not fit on College dorm room beds.

So they were nice enough to include a catalog from which I can order custom-made dorm room sheets.

Meaning that at the end of 4 years, I will be left with a very nice set of custom-made extra-long twin sheets for which I will have no use.

Unless I can make a Halloween costume out of them?


Monica H said...

You could probably make 2 costumes out of them seeing you are "4'11 and all" :-)

My suggestion would be to do like they do in hotels. Just wrap a flat sheet over the mattress in stead of a fitted sheet. I'm sure blankets are long enough to cover the bed. However custom made sheets sound really luxurious!

Franklin5 said...

Hmm. Hopefully you'll have many toga parties in your future. Long sheets = good togas. Problem solved. Just watch out for the punch; it's spiked.

My Volvo still receives mail, even though it's now in someone else's happy possession. My minivan, on the other hand, gets almost no postal love.

Anonymous said...

lol - most college dorms (in my experience) require the twin xl sheets. You can buy them at Bed, Bath and Beyond, Linens N Things, etc. Just look for the "twin xl" label.

The Nanny said...

MM--I've been hearing that extra long dorm room beds aren't as uncommon as I thought. I hear they also sell twin xl at Target, too, which I am very exited about. The only thing that's sad is they don't sell organic/natural/non-bad for you environmentally-friendly sheets and comforters in that size and in my price range, which is what I originally wanted to buy.

Ally said...

I remember the extra-long sheets issue from college - you should be able to find them in stores as well, especially around back-to-school season. Don't feel suckered into buying them from the catalog. Good luck in college!