Wow. Sorry guys...didn't realize it's been 5 days. In an amazing stroke of luck, I'm down with some sort of flu/stomach bug/potentially tomato-induced sickness WHILE dog sitting for D.


Dog sitting is an entirely different beast than nannying. It's easier, for sure. But still demanding, since D. has three fairly large dogs. Walking them all is comical--I've got to have at least one helper. But it was all going fabulously until around midnight on Sunday...when I got sick. Yep.

So I've eaten a small piece of (unbuttered) wheat toast and half a banana total in the last...oh...36 hours. Lots of ginger ale and apple juice. But I'm really exhausted and the poor pupsters are taking the brunt of it--they didn't get a walk last night. I think I'll be better tonight so I'll take them for an extra-long walk.

Anyway. This is about an uninteresting post as I've ever done! I just wanted to make contact with the outside world. I can't figure out how to get D.'s internet to work so this is the first time I've been online since Saturday (GASP!). Talk to you guys on the other side of this sick stuff.