Makes it all worth it

As I babysat for Natty and her sisters the other day, I thought about just how much I love kids. And nannying. I really do love it. And the thing that made it even better? Natty's youngest sister, Liv, begging her mom to let me stay longer. That always makes me feel so good!

On a completely unrelated note, let me ask you guys this. What was the one thing you couldn't have lived without in your dorm room, or the thing you wanted the most for it?


Furrow said...

Couldn't have lived without the sink in my room. Can you believe that most dorm rooms on my campus didn't have a sink, but less a private bathroom? It was nice being able to brush my teeth or wash my face without going down the hall. It was the dark ages. I hope you're luckier.

I would have liked to have been able to have a coffee pot. I had an electric tea kettle that got confiscated one semester. They allowed smoking in the dorms, but no "hot plates" or related items. Again, it was the dark ages, and I hope you're luckier.

The Nanny said...

Actually, where I'll most likely be staying doesn't have bathrooms in the bedrooms. I do have to go down the hall--there is a big boys bathroom and a big girls bathroom on each floor. Showers are in those bathrooms. Maybe sophomore year I'll be lucky enough to have a private bathroom :-)

Anonymous said...