Bumper stickers

I know I've been blogging a LOT the past few days...most of it stems from me having nothing to do, really, but lie on my back as I wait to get better. I called the doc, results are not in, but I need to continue plugging on with the BRAT diet. Honestly, without any protein, I'm turning into a brat...

So I've had to cancel 2 nanny jobs this week and turn down another just from feeling crummy and/or exhausted. I ventured out of the house today, though, to be with Boy and Girl, cause they're older and easier and I don't have to do much. I'm tired now that it's done, but I got through the job OK.

I think I've mentioned before my beloved Volvo is slathered in bumper stickers. Most political, none offensive...just ones that you could disagree with. I don't want to hurt feelings, that's not my goal.

As I was driving to Boy & Girl's house, a large pickup truck drove up next to me and revved its engine a few times. I've had bad experiences with pickup trucks and my bumper stickers in the past, so I didn't look over to them, but instead just drove on. The pickup truck persisted, and finally sped up in front of me. The window rolled down, and a young guy stuck a "US ARMY" sign out the window. I could see the anger on his face, and perhaps a bit of hurt. At that point in the traffic proceedings, the best thing I could do was smile at him and give him a thumbs-up.

I felt guilty for the rest of the afternoon. I didn't want to make him feel bad, or angry. I'm NOT against the troops in any way, shape or form. As I've said before, I greatly appreciate the sacrifices they're so willingly making for our country--and I respect the hell out of them. Just because I don't agree with our current wars doesn't mean I dislike the troops.

I've been thinking a lot about my stickers lately. My car sticks out, that's for sure. Over the past several years I've learned to ignore the rude gestures, block out the angry stares, and appreciate the (rare) thumbs-up or show of approval. But honestly, I'm at the point now where I'm not sure I constantly want to be making a political statement. It is, quite frankly, a bit exhausting, because regardless, people will first see my political opinions, and then me. And I'm not sure I want it to be that way. Sure, my politics are a big part of me. And I stand by my thoughts and opinions. But I spend so much time in my car and so many people see me in it...I don't know. I'm not ashamed; I think I'd just like people to see the real me without passing judgement first.

And I'm guilty of passing judgement, too. I do automatically 'tsk, tsk' at the people who have pro-Bush stickers on their car, and feel a comraderie with those who have anti-Bush ones.

Anyway. I'm thinking of taking off the stickers. It'll be interesting to see the tan Damien has developed after almost 4 years of constant sticker-coverage on his backside. Or maybe I'll take off just a few. I have a couple of stickers I really love and want to keep on. So maybe I'll pick a few to keep and strip the rest.

One thing's for sure, though--he won't be nearly as easy to spot in a parking lot.


Lisa L said...

My sister in Australia had alot of stickers on her car too - mostly political. (Although I did send her one which said 'Got Aloha?' lol Unfortunately, however someone vandalized her car (because of the stickers) and totalled it. Can you believe it? Now she's scared to death to put anything on the new car. Don't blame her. (Hope you feel better soon!)

The Nanny said...

Wow--that's no fun at all! Was it covered under her insurance???

Once, in a parking lot at a marketing company I was interning for, someone ripped off most of my stickers.

pithydithy said...

Love this entry! I suspect that I would be one of the people who was behind you quietly agreeing with your stickers. At the same time, I've always wondered what people with lots of stickers thought about them. I sort of figure that since I don't put political opinions out there at the beginning of a conversation with new people, I don't put them on my car either. But...I enjoy checking out other people's stickers. And I HAVE had two bumper stickers in my life: a Darwin fish on my car in high school and, now, a pro-breastfeeding static cling.

The Nanny said...

One thing I have always loved is looking in my rear-view mirror and watching peoples' facial expressions as they read the backside of my car :-)

The Nanny said...

Oh! And I forgot--I have a solid black W with a read circle/line through it (i.e., anti-Bush) sticker. Once, while driving, a guy was following me and swooped around and pulled up next to me. "Scuse me," he said in a thick southern drawl, and in all seriousness. "That W there--does that stand for workin' or women?"

I think I was too shocked to respond.