All right, all right

Since I'm not generating any interesting posts while I recuperate, I thought I'd sit back, relax, and make y'all do the work.

So tell me:

What annoys you most about blogging? Or anything in general? I'll post my answer in the comments section just to get things started. (Can you tell it's been a boring day on the couch?)


The Nanny said...

I hate it. HATE. IT. when people have that 'word verification' thing on their blogs. I mean...how many spam comments are you getting per day??? If it's more than, say, two, then okay, keep it. But if it's just once in a blue moon, JUST DELETE IT!

*deep breaths*

The Nanny said...

Oh. Another thing. The new show "Baby Borrowers." I mean, really.

Monica H said...

How about rude, selfish people (in-laws to be exact.

Oh and something about blogging- when people are fake in order to generate more comments. (I'm not talking about you :-))

sassyshell said...

Hmmmm . . . I kinda like the word thingy, b/c I did start to get spam and didn't want it to get worse. Though I agree it is annoying to fill out.

The lack of comments? Really people. If I'm writing so friends and family know what we are up to and am receiving little to no feedback, it saddens me. I've considered turning it off the comments so I don't even think about it, but, really, I'm writing the blog for our friends and family, it's not a deep, personal, naval gazing space for me. It's for the silly stories and pictures and such. Anyhow, just what bugs me.

The Nanny said...

*confession* I've started turning off the comments section on posts that don't get any after a day or so. That way, I tell myself, people will think that I just don't expect a response, rather than I get no comments... :-)

Juicebox Mom said...

Hi Nanny, nothing bugs me yet about blogging, except when my boss catches me at work doing it!
Glad you are feeling better, Juiceboxmom :-)

The Lowells said...

Love your blog, Nanny! I, too, was a Nanny while I was in college at SMU. After staying with different children at night and on weekends, I got a "full-time family" for about two months. I decided they weren't the right match for me when their 5-year-old spit in my face right in front of her parents and they did nothing. I still wonder if they live there if I drive by their house in Highland Park!

Ok.....I too hate the lack of comments on my blog. I have people say all the time that they read it so why the heck can't you leave a comment? I've never thought about turning off the comments....Hmmmmmm...then I can tell myself that there are lines of people just waiting to communicate with me by I won't let them!

Hope you are feeling better!

Monica H said...

I hat the lack of comments too. I'll write something really serious and a fellow blogger friend will say "yeah I read that" then why can't you leave a freakin' comment.

When I said I hat bloggers who acted fake in order to get comments, I had a fellow blogger in mind (who gets on my nerves) who writes daily and changes up her blog every few weeks and it drives me nuts. Just be!

The Nanny said...

I totally understand. I love comments and hate it when people don't leave them, but I must confess that I don't leave very many comments. I don't read all that many blogs anymore and usually when I do, I'm reading them quickly in between working. I'll work on being better at commenting, though, if you guys will! :-)

Anonymous said...

Without a doubt, my number one annoyance about blogging are people who try to get people to comment on their blogs. Specifically people who comment on MY blog and say "hey, come read my blog!" or some other transparent variation to try to generate more hits on their blog.

Don't pimp your blog, people. It's tacky and pathetic.

(totally not referring to you nanny, you have never done that).

As for the commenting thing...eh. I mean, I understand wanting people to comment. I do. And I admit it's fun on the (rare) occasion when I will get like 30 or 40 comments. But a lot of times I think people comment just to comment (or get people to notice them. See above.) and then I think that's annoying. I don't comment unless I'm genuinely moved to comment (like now), so I end up reading anonymously a lot. I don't blog hoping for comments, and then I'm never disappointed.

The Nanny said...

Well...Minivan Mom, I must confess I started commenting liberally on your blog right after I started mine, thinking "PLEASE let her click over and read my blog! Please let her click over and read my blog! Please let her click over and read my blog!" cause I thought (and still think) you are pretty much as cool as sliced bread. (Oh, and that goes for all the blogs I read.)

And I may say I don't care about getting comments...but I'm needy. And I do care. And I very often comment multiple times on my own blogs just to bump up the number. Yes, I do need therapy.

(But I do agree with you--if I do comment nowadays, it's really because there's genuinely something I want to say about whatever that person has posted.)

Anonymous said...

i hate it when i read my best friend's blog and find out stuff about him/her that i didn't know but his/her blogger friends knew

Anonymous said...

Oh Nanny...and THAT response is why I continue to read your blog faithfully.

That had me literally laughing out loud.