Whoooooo's it gonna be?

Okay, so I left the poll up for as long as I could. Then I began going stir-crazy to post something. So hold on to your seatbelts, this one's gonna be a whopper.


My poor parents. This past Wednesday (I had all intentions of writing this Thursday, when it would have been more relavent, but oh well) they not only got a phone call from me screaming, "I'm a medical mystery! NO ONE knows what's going on with my lips!!!" but they also got a frantic, hysterical phone call from my little recently-driver's-licensed sister screaming, "I got in a car wreck!"

Allow me to explain. First, my lips.

Last Sunday, I woke up with two red bumps on my lips. One on the top, one on the bottom. They were a bit painful but I just figured I had bitten them in my sleep or something.

On Monday, there were more of them, and they were getting more painful. It kind of felt like my lips were REALLY really really chapped, and it started to hurt when I smiled. Trying to fix that, I kept them slathered in aquafor, blistex, vaseline...anything.

Tuesday, I woke up and they hurt like a mofo. They were puffy and swollen and really red. Plus they were now COVERED in tiny little painful bumps. I called my doctor and made an appointment for Wednesday. In the meantime, I avoided salty foods (which caused them to b-u-r-n) and kept them slathered in greasy balm.

Wednesday I had my appointment early in the morning. This was the worst day of all. They hurt SO badly I could hardly talk. I went to my doc, she took one look at them through her little magnifying glass, and said, "Oh my GOD your lips are covered in blisters!"


I hadn't added anything new to my diet, hadn't changed cosmetics...everything was the same. Except my mouth was covered in very small, very painful blisters. My doc immediately made me get an appointment for another doctor. I saw him that afternoon. He, too, couldn't figure out why the heck they were there (NO, it's NOT herpes). He shook his head and told me to keep on with ONLY vaseline and to call him if they got worse AGAIN.

At that point my mind was going a bazillion miles an hour--"Is it some infectious disease that nobody's heard of???" "What if it IS herpes, and if it is--how the heck did I get it???" "Will I never be able to eat again?????"--but I made it through the day. The next day, Thursday, they were much better, for some reason. A lot of the blisters had disappeared overnight. So I stupidly put blistex on before bed. Woke up the next day. Blisters again. Damn.

I'm not sure if it was the blistex (cause I use that allll the time and it wasn't a new container) or if it simply aggrevated the blisters to come back...but I threw the can away. And even though my lips are starting to get better again, I'm still only using vaseline. Very, very weird.

NOW. Next story. (I told you this was going to be a long post. I still have a 7-question meme to get to after this one, so I'll make this one short.)

My little sis was in car wreck Wednesday night. Yeah, the same night as the 'medical mystery' diagnosis. Short and sweet, it wasn't her fault, we have a witness, everyone's okay but the car, but it's getting fixed. I could have added drama and detail to that, but I realize that a person's attention span averages 7 minutes, and I'm coming dangerously close to that, so I'm moving on.

SO. The meme. I was tagged by the awesome Jenny whose blog was one of the very first I started to read. Basically, the rules are to share 7 things about you and tag 7 people at the end. (P.S. I got a little overexcited and used most of these in the comment section under Jenny's post, so I'm just copying and pasting.)

1. I can't really cook. At all. I'm really good at microwaving chicken fingers for my nannykids, and I make a mean PB&J. But that's about it.

2. I have a baby that I've had since I was born. Her name is Baby (I'm original), and she was the kind of baby doll who you could feed a bottle of water to and...she'd "wet" her diaper. One day, Baby was suntanning on some sheet music (my parents are musicians) and had water on her backside. When I picked her up, she had a black print of a perfect musical score on her derriere. It never came off. I'll have to post pictures of it sometime.

3. I do NOT like adventure. If you see me at an amusement park, I'm the girl sitting on a bench under an armful of purses while everyone else is riding the roller coasters :-)

4. I can't stand spicy food. Everyone tells me I have a "chicken tongue." My feeling is, why eat something that burns your mouth off?!?

5. Max the pupster is sitting next to me snoozing. He just randomly wagged his tail. Guess he was dreaming about food.

6. Baby Girl Fish still doesn't have a name. I'm actually pretty used to just calling her Baby Girl or Little Girl now. But--about the poll: Shenaynay, y'all? Really? I put that in there cause D. made me. I promise I'll make it be somewhere in her name--first or middle or something--but I don't think I'm going to call her that...though I know D. will. I still like Lucy Carly Shenaynay Grace. Maybe I'll call her Carly.

7. Two of my very favorite movies are "Garden State" and "The Squid and the Whale." Have y'all seen either? (I'm guessing probably Garden State, probably not TSatW.


Monica H said...

You absolutely CANNOT name your baby girl Shenaynay Grace. There is nothing graceful about Shenaynay- sorry D!

Carly is cute though :-)

The Nanny said...

(Monica--I AGREE. But it'd be Lucy Carly Shenaynay Grace, not just Shenaynay Grace, and I'd call her either Lucy or Carly.)

Allyson said...

I think you should call her Sweet Baby Girl.

I hope your lips are better.

I am glad the dancer isn't hurt.

Allyson said...

Oh, and I completely agree with you on the spicy thing.

Anonymous said...

Was the Squid and the Whale that movie about divorce? Off to google it, hold on...

YES! Yes it was. Okay, I'm officially flummoxed how that could be ANYONE'S favorite movie. No offense, but that movie was atrocious. And I like quirky independent films.

The Nanny said...

Allyson--that totally jogged my memory. I had completely forgotten that I also had both a hamster and a gerbil named Sweetie years ago. See??? I really do have a thing for double-naming!

And Tracey--I've gotten that reaction from most everyone, with the exception of 2 friends. I don't know. I just think it's really funny. I laugh through the whole thing.

P.S. I saw "Lars and the Real Girl" tonight. Have you guys seen it? It was really good. I adore Patricia Clarkson. I've loved her since "The Station Agent."

The Nanny said...

WOW. I definitely need more sleep. I actually posted on 4/25 in a meme about having a hamster and a gerbil named Sweetie. Wow. Maybe I am going crazy.