A very sweet Flashback Friday

My mom is nursing my little sister and I, in turn, am nursing my baby doll Paige Catherine. There's no date on this picture, but I think I'm probably around three and a half, judging by the size of my sister. This is one of my all-time favorite pictures.


Monica H said...

And you even have your baby doll under your shirt! You're a born nurturer.

Did your doll have 4 names too?

The Nanny said...

No :-) I named that one Paige Catherine because for a brief time my parents considered naming me Paige, and I got Catherine after both my cousin and my mother.

Some day I'll have to post a picture of all 5 of my baby dolls. Between us my sister and I had more than that, but I had 5 'main' ones. Baby, Paige Catherine, the twins Collin and Susannah (named after real baby twins from my church) and Rosie. I used to read them bedtime stories and tuck them in at night!

Allyson said...

Very cute.