Random Thursday?

1) I saw "Lars and the Real Girl" the other day. Very funny, very weird. Have y'all seen it?

2) I went to TCBY for the first time in a lo-o-o-ong time the other night. I couldn't help but think of a time two summers ago with A. & E. As a treat, I let them go to TBCY in their jammies, and they thought that was soooooo cool. A. got rainbow ice cream and her face turned red, blue and green. E. got regular vanilla and got more ice cream on her nightgown than herself :-)

3) I really stink at doing my own laundry.

4) As my move to Dream School looms, I'm already starting to pick out stuff for my new room. Since I'm currently sleeping in a double bed and moving to a twin sized bed, I need a new comforter and cute duvet. I'm trying to go all eco-friendly and buy a natural, organic comforter & duvet, but a) they're so darn expensive and b) they're...not that cute. I've googled a lot and not found much...Do y'all know of anything? Online or otherwise?

5) Yesterday there was a tornado watch. A watch, people. Not even a warning. But I was by myself, and let my mind wander into dozens of gruesome scenarios all of which involved me dying a quick, painful death by tornado. SO, I figure, I've gotta get a plan in action, should the bad weather (all of which was north of me) suddenly change directions and come straight for my bedroom.

Fast forward five minutes: I'm running around frantically trying to gather supplies. I have Lulabelle the bird nearby, ready to grab and shove in the corner. I've got Max the pupster's leash so I can keep him close with me. I've got a stool for Carly Grace's bowl to be on (cause, let's face it, having a fish in a bowl on the floor isn't a great idea with a thirsty dog), pillows, two flashlights (in case the first one doesn't work...) a radio, snacks and protein bars, two bottles of water (Max & Lu will get thirsty, too), my fully-charged laptop, books, 2 different phones (again, in case the first one doesn't work), and my cell phone charger (because even if my casa is destroyed, I'll need to charge my damn cell phone).

Alllllll of that in a room approximately 2 feet by 2 feet wide. It's not even a room, really...more like a really short hallway.

Long story short, no tornado. All is well.

6) I've been measured twice in the last two weeks and both places have measured me at 5'0!!! YEAH!!! I GREW!!! I didn't grow from about ages 11-19. During that time my life's goal was to make it from 4'11 to 5'0. AND I DID IT!!! YEAHHHHH!!!

(Now if I could lose those last 5-7 stubborn pounds, that'd be GREAT. Universe? Are you listening?)


lifeofadancer312 said...

mmmm that TCBY smoothie was SOOO good!

oh and you people, she was really serious about the tornado shelter thing... we got home yesterday and there was a tornado shelter in our hallway...


Farrah said...

1) I have been wanting to see that. Since you say it is funny I will watch it

2)TCBY- I haven't been in a long time either. That sounds so good right now!

3)Me too!

4)Can't help you there. All the organic bedding I have seen is pretty expensive.

5)I didn't even know about this tornado watch thing

6) YEAH for you!

Monica H said...

mmm- TCBY! We used to have one not too far from us then they closed :(

I have seen organic bedding and it is expensivem but I haven't really paid any attention to the cuteness of it. I'll keep my eye out for something for you.

Yeah, the tornados have been crazy lately. My grandma said that 4 touched down by her a couple days ago- scary!

I'm so glad you grew. I remember how excited I was when I was measured for insurance purposes and I had grown an inch. I was so excited that I had my liscence redone. There's an idea for you :-)