Purple greenbeans

I'm sitting here, waiting for D. to get here, watching the National Spelling Bee. These kids look nervous as heck. I'm pretty proficient when it comes to vocabulary, but I don't know even 2% of these words. Oh oh, one kid just got eliminated. Poor guy.


I'm a bit bored. I just googled imaged my first and last name and this is the first image that popped up:

Um, okay. Oh, D.'s here! What do you get when you google image your first and last name? You can post the link to the picture in the comments.


d said...

here is mine! looooovely!


mmmmmm girl

lifeofadancer312 said...

first a picture of mom comes up.
then a picture of a tombstone.
and then a picture of a can of soup.

gosh i have a great name...

Monica H said...

I've googled my name before, but I'venever looked at the images. Apparantly someone with the exact name and initals (weird!) is a corporate lawyer in NY. The first image is a family with a woman drinking wine.

Monica H said...


I just googled my maiden name and up popped a a mother and her newborn :-(