Who knew watching TV could be so stressful?

A conversation on the couch last night, between Natty's 3rd youngest sister (age 7) and me. Her 4th sister, age 5, was also in the room. We were watching Zoey 101 which, if you don't know, stars Jamie Lynn Spears. The pregnant one.

Bean: "My friend told me that she (Jamie Lynn) is going to have a baby."
Me: "Uhhh...yeah, she is."
Bean: "But she's not married."
Me *cringing, dreading what's coming next*: "Mmmm...nope, she's not."
Bean: "But I just don't GET it! How can you have a baby when you're not married? How can she have a baby since she's not married???"
Me: "Uhhhh....." *wracking brain for how to answer* "You know, I'm not exactly sure..."
Bean *leaning in, eyes wide, whispering*: "But some of my friends know!"
Me: "Bath time!"


Allyson said...

Funny. I got to try to explain to my kids why Gabriella showed her stuff to Troy. (High School Musical)

Anonymous said...


That's when you say "Uh, you should ask your mom about that!"


Congrats on deciding about dream school, btw! I'm proud of you.

lifeofadancer312 said...

hahahaha typical bean... she will get that info out of you eventually!

Jaime said...

That cracks me up...I'm sitting at work seriously laughing out loud!