Name that fish!

I stopped by the pet store today and picked up a new baby fish. She's a fiesty little girl (really tiny) and only about a month old. She's kind of grey colored now but that'll change as she gets older. Her fin and tail have a pretty purple-y, blue-y, green-y sheen, and she has two long blue horizontal stripes running from her nose to her tail. I'll leave it up to y'all--what should I name her???

Leave your answer in the comments section, and I'll pick my top favorites. Then I'll poll y'all to figure out a name for Little Girl!


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lifeofadancer312 said...

Madeline (Maddy)
Peaches'n'Cream Fruity Bananachair

(just kidding about that last one)


lifeofadancer312 said...

(I must admit that I just refreshed the page 11 times to be your 8500 blog viewer!!!!!!!!!!)

Monica H said...

In spanish rainbow (for her "pretty purple-y, blue-y, green-y sheen") is arco iris.

I think you should forget the poll and just name her Iris :-)

BTW, your sister is crazy!

The Nanny said...

I have to add in--Boy and Girl suggested Dorie and Goldie, respectively, today.

And D. suggested Shenaynay.

And my mother suggested Sheila.

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Anonymous said...

Emmy? Junie?

The Nanny said...

All right, in the interest of honesty, I already have a name I personally really like. Lucy Carly Shenaynay Grace. (Lucy, because I like the name, Carly in honor of poor Carly who was kicked off American Idol last week, Shenaynay because D. threatened to kick my butt if I didn't put that somewhere in her name, and Grace, because I also love that name.)

FYI--Henrys 1&2 had 4 names, too--they were Ian Henry Frank Oliver I and II.

BUT I am still open to suggestions. I like some of the ones suggested a lot.