Flashback Friday en retard

For my first birthday I recieved a little red piano, my parents being musicians and all.

What did I do with it? I sat on it.

(P.S. I believe that's my father's leg beside mine in the picture. To my knowledge, I do not and have never had a third leg.)


Monica H said...

You're so cute- Are you musically talented?

lifeofadancer312 said...


and i'm not too sure about that "not having a third leg thing..."

just kidding :)

sarahbobeara said...

ha! love the picture of you using the piano as a CHAIR! i'm sure your parents were proud ;)

and no wonder you don't mess around with your blog color scheme...you have the cute little logo at the top! don't fix something that's not broken, right?

The Nanny said...

Monica--actually, no. I used to play the piano and sing but have dropped both those along the way...I don't carry a tune well and don't have enough patience for the piano :-) My sister can both sing & used to play, though!

Sarah--thank you :-) a fellow blogger designed it for me and I love it! If you look on my blog there's a button that's a link to her blog. She's really good at designing!

Anonymous said...

Totally not true about not carrying a tune well. You have a great voice and a great ear. (And yes, I am prejudiced because I am your mom, but this is the musician in me answering). Love you!

yodaddy said...

Actually, the piano was from Grandma.

The Nanny said...

So, mumsie and pops, you guys know how to comment now, eh?

My mistake about who the piano was from.

lifeofadancer312 said...

ah the padres have arrived!

heya mom and dad!

laura said...

so i love the fact that your parents now comment and read your blog.
that is amazingly funny.

much love.

i don't feel like signing in.