Such sadness

I found out yesterday that the husband of one of my favorite high school teacher's was diagnosed with a brain tumor and, from what I understand, is not supposed to make it. They're a young couple and she's very pregnant with their first baby.

I've e-mailed her and offered her prayers & free babysitting once the baby arrives...but what else can I do? I want to help, but feel so helpless. I also don't want to intrude. Suggestions?


Furrow said...

That's just tragic. I'm so sorry to hear that. I think all you can do is keep in contact with her and let her know you'll help out however you can. The worst is when people run away because they can't deal with the sadness. You're a good friend.

Monica H said...

I think it's great you're trying to help out. My only suggestion is that if you really want to be of service- offer support and prayers all the way til the end. There's nothing worse than someone offering help, for about a week, then they're completely forgotten after that. I'm not suggesting that you would do that, but for me everyone seemed to "be there" for me when I had my losses, and now they're no where to be found. I guess they assume I should be over it by now, but grief (as bitchy as it is) sticks around for a while.

Just be there for them. Call them regularly, bake them cookies, be with them because you care and not just because he's dying. That's my suggestion.

Anonymous said...

As a breast cancer survivor the best advice I can tell you is do not offer, just do it. So many people offered to do things for me when I was first diagnosed, but I felt so weird agreeing to them and they never followed through because I felt like I was imposing. The things I remember most are the friends who just dropped food off, took my kids for a few hours or dropped off treats for them. Stop by with a bouquet of flowers, a little something for the baby or whatever.