I'm watchin'

Okay. I swear, swear I'll shut up about politics. Soon. BUT. If you have a few minutes, please take a look at this article--it's excellently written and brilliant. It goes against what Tracey blogged the other day, but still--it's definitely worth a read.

Warning: It is pro-Hillary. But read it anyway.

Read the article here.


Furrow said...

Very cute template. I guess I haven't been here in a while. It looks great.

I'm so excited about tomorrow. I love primary days this time around. and I'll actually be happy with hil or barry.

Anonymous said...

Well, first, I wouldn't say it completely goes against what I said, since I did acknowledge that PART of the reason people are bashing Hillary is sexism.

Unlike the author of the article, though, I don't give sexism all the credit. And I think the author, while certainly presenting a passionate and well-written article, is making the classic feminist mistake (and I say that as a proud feminist). She's pinning all the anti-Hillary sentiment on misogynism, which is a convenient and easy thing to do.

I would argue that Hillary is not likeable not because she doesn't fit into the feminine mold...but because she's just not likeable. I feel that compassion and empathy are traits to be aspired to by both men and women...and frankly, I feel that Obama has more.

It really annoys me when feminists blame everything on "the man" because I feel it undercuts the feminist argument. As soon as men (50% of society) hear someone pointing a finger and saying "it's all your fault", they can easily (and somewhat legitimately) roll their eyes, shrug their shoulders, and say "great, another bitchy woman"

I think it takes more hard work to say "yes, women have endured sexism and prejudice and misogynism throughout history, and we need to change that...so how do we address this and present positive solutions instead of pointing fingers and saying what assholes men are?"

I'm a feminist, I'm liberal, I'm a Democrat, I'm a Bill Clinton lover...and I still chose Barack Obama. Where is there room for that in that article's argument as to why Hillary is so hated?

The Nanny said...

Thanks Furrow! And I will too.

Tracey--I disagree that Hillary's not likeable. I do think she can be very personable and likeable when not debating an issue/defending herself. She can be very polarizing when doing that but really, I think she probably thinks she has to be...I believe people hold her to a higher, harder standard than Barack and she definitely fights against that. But I've heard several personal interviews with her and found her to be witty, intelligent, empathetic and emotional (not emotional in a negative way).

I definitely do, however, dislike it when feminists blame 'the man'. You're absolutely right--it does undercut a whole feminist ideal. Though I loved the article, and I love the writer, it did come across as a bit whiney to me. A few times I wanted to say, "Shut up and DEAL with it!" :-)

I know I've come across as somewhat as a flip-flopper. (Oh lord, did I really just use a GWB term?!?!?) I have strong personal political opinions, but I'm still struggling to come up with where I truly stand. I really, really respect what you say, Tracey...Thanks for taking the time to "talk" with me about this stuff!