I've gotten a few random e-mails/anonymous comments (that I've deleted) wondering (sometimes not so nicely) why I don't post any 'nanny stories' anymore. Here are your answers:

1. This is my blog. I can post what I want on it.
2. Quite honestly, older kids don't provide as many good stories as little ones. And most of my jobs these days involve older kids. I did have a pretty good one recently. Okay, not that recently. But whatever.
3. It's my blog. Hush.

As much as I'd love to be dazzling you all with funny nanny stories, they've been few and far between lately. When I get something good, I'll let you know. Hope this clears things up!


P.S. Still have not made a decision about Dream School. I've decided to take some of your advice and go to the open house in April, as planned, and then make my decision. Thanks for the input!

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