Okay, so y'all convinced me to try Bloglines and now I'm ADDICTED. It's amazing! But as of late I've been having a few problems with it...I won't recieve notice of an update for several days after the person has posted. Does that make sense? It doesn't happen with all blogs all the time, but it is annoying when I miss posts.

Has this happened to any of you guys? Do you know if there's anything I can do to fix it?


Franklin5 said...

First: I purely adored your comment on my blog this morning, although I feel a mite guilty for sending you into the day with red and puffy eyes.

Second: I, too, am a recent convert to and, subsequently, a ginormous fan of Bloglines.

I thought it might cut into the time I spend surfing the blogosphere, but I'm happy to report: no. I am no more efficient than I ever was.

But, you know, no less.

Third: I'd love for Bloglines to take the rap for my blog posts showing up days after their post date, but I confess that this is a user error.

As in, I start typing a post. I get interrupted by muppers or distracted by something bright and shiny, so I save the post in my draft folder.

If it ever actually makes it into the blog (cue the song: I'm Just a Bill), no matter when it's posted, it retains its original draft date.

So if I go on a posting binge late at night, you might see three new-to-you posts at once, all with different datelines.

And yes, I know I could use the Post Options feature to change the date, but eh: I don't wanna.

HEY! I'm long-winded AND odd. Go figure.

So, um: yeah. Bloglines is cool.

Monica H said...

Sometimes it takes a few hours for Bloglines to to show the updates blogs, but it shouldn't take days. If you see a blog and the date is off, the blog author may have written half of it one day, and finished it the next. If that's the case, then it will appear as it was posted 2 days earlier, when it wasn't. Does this make sense?

The Nanny said...

Monica & Franklin, I think that must be it. I've noticed Bloglines is a bit slow on the uptake in terms of when things are posted and then when it alerts me that things have been posted, but when it's days apart it's probably just cause, as Franklin said, the author went on a posting binge late at night. Thanks for the help!