I'm currently on hold with the IRS because they have my name misspelled on tax documents.

Their hold music is from the Nutcracker Suite.




Okay, so y'all convinced me to try Bloglines and now I'm ADDICTED. It's amazing! But as of late I've been having a few problems with it...I won't recieve notice of an update for several days after the person has posted. Does that make sense? It doesn't happen with all blogs all the time, but it is annoying when I miss posts.

Has this happened to any of you guys? Do you know if there's anything I can do to fix it?


Flashback Friday

Okay, so I'm shamelessly stealing the Flashback Friday idea from several other bloggers. But anyway. Here's mine.

Several of you have asked to see a picture of me. So, by popular demand, I present a picture of me that I think illustrates me beautifully:

I'm approximately three years old, passed out asleep in my bed, in my underwear and socks.

Could life get any better?

Such sadness

I found out yesterday that the husband of one of my favorite high school teacher's was diagnosed with a brain tumor and, from what I understand, is not supposed to make it. They're a young couple and she's very pregnant with their first baby.

I've e-mailed her and offered her prayers & free babysitting once the baby arrives...but what else can I do? I want to help, but feel so helpless. I also don't want to intrude. Suggestions?


Look out, world...

My kid sister is getting her license tomorrow morning.

If you're in Texas...I'd advise you to advance out of your house cautiously.

(Just kidding. She's not all that bad. And by "not all that bad" I mean she hasn't killed anyone yet.)




Furrow, if you're reading this--can I have an invite to your blog? theonlinenanny@gmail.com

Who'da thunk it?

Obama related to Pitt, Clinton to Jolie

(Can you tell I've got nothing better to do right now? Natty's off riding & I'm sitting in my car, shamelessly blog-surfing. I found the above article on a random stranger's blog.)



I've gotten a few random e-mails/anonymous comments (that I've deleted) wondering (sometimes not so nicely) why I don't post any 'nanny stories' anymore. Here are your answers:

1. This is my blog. I can post what I want on it.
2. Quite honestly, older kids don't provide as many good stories as little ones. And most of my jobs these days involve older kids. I did have a pretty good one recently. Okay, not that recently. But whatever.
3. It's my blog. Hush.

As much as I'd love to be dazzling you all with funny nanny stories, they've been few and far between lately. When I get something good, I'll let you know. Hope this clears things up!


P.S. Still have not made a decision about Dream School. I've decided to take some of your advice and go to the open house in April, as planned, and then make my decision. Thanks for the input!


fast type?

95 words

Speed test



(Pardon the price tag on the bunny ears. We couldn't justify spending that much money on them even though we had to make him try them on. And then take pictures.)


There are no words.

Update: I decided to take the picture down. I know not everybody wants to see it...but if you do, you can see it here.

By AP photographer Jean-Marc Bouju, who was embedded with the 101st Airborne Didvision. From the AP's press release:

The photo was made during a rare moment of humanity in a war zone, Bouju said, when a father who had been taken prisoner by American troops was allowed to hold his 4-year-old son who also was taken when the man was arrested.

The boy, Bouju said, was panicking and crying, so an American soldier cut the plastic handcuffs off.

"My little girl was four at the time and I couldn't help thinking what would she have thought in the same situation," he said. Bouju wasn't able to get the prisoner's name and doesn't know where he or the child is now.

The father and son featured in the image are sitting side-by-side behind coils of razor wire. The father has one hand over the boy's forehead and his other arm hangs loosely at the boy's waist. A small pair of sandals lies a few feet away in the sand.

On that day, Bouju was only able to transmit one image to his editors because of problems setting up a satellite link. It was that photo that won the award.

I've been haunted by this picture ever since I saw it this afternoon.

What are we doing over there?

And--what happened to the father and his son? Are they alive?

Have we killed them?


Thick haze? What the heck, Wheel of Fortune?!?

I'm too lazy to go back and check if I've posted any of these pictures before, but I figured it was about time for another picturelicious post! (That, and I really don't have any good blog material right now...)

This was from this winter when I went up north to visit family:

Lula says hi!

Sweet Max in his pink sweater (I know, I know, we torture him so):

And finally, there's SUN! Max is so happy!


Never a dull moment!

Edited to add: It's 12:19 p.m. on Tuesday now, and it's been raining so hard for so long that our attic is leaking and we're worried about the house flooding (we're on the top of a small hill, so that's saying something). Never ever a dull moment!

It's 11 o'clock at night. I'm about to get ready for bed, I'm tired, it's been a long day.

Nope. The gods of the universe have other ideas!

There's a high-pitched beeping sound coming from somewhere. It's loud. It's close. It's not from my house, that's for sure, but it does sound like a smoke alarm. We head outside to try to figure it out.

We quickly suspect it's coming from the vacant house next door. Nobody lives there, and we can't be sure it's coming from there--it's windy and it's throwing the sound off. But we're pretty sure it's from the vacant house. We call 911 and explain the situation, and they tell me they're sending a firetruck out.

Okay! Great! Thanks!

It takes less than 4 minutes for the firefighters to arrive.......but those 4 minutes are pretty darn long. For me, thoughts are running through my head like crazy. "What if it's coming from somebody's house behind the alley and the firefighters are already on their way?" "What if this is a false alarm and it's really nothing?" "What if the beeping stops before they get here?" "What if it IS coming from my house?!?!?"

Luckily, the beeping continues until they get here. Four or five firefighters hop out of the truck and investigate. They peer around the house and check the doors and windows for signs of intrusion. They think it's the burgalar alarm. I'm thinking, "Oh, shit, I knew the police should have come too!"

One firefighter finds a window that's unlocked and a couple of guys go in. They're in there for a lo-o-o-o-ong time. Just as I'm starting to get worried ("What if there's somebody in there who's killing them silently as they come in? What if whoever it is is just waiting for me to go in next?!?!? I DON'T WANT TO DIE!"), the beeping stops and the firefighters emerge.

It was a smoke alarm (I was right!), and they've taken out the batteries. We apologize for calling them even though there's no fire. "It certainly woke us up!" we say.

"There's nobody in there to wake up though," one guy says. "So don't worry."

Uh, okay. But if the house next door is going up in flames, I'm a bit concerned.

Of course the first thing I do is blog about the experience. But now I'm tired and going to bed!


Linky post

I'm about to head out of town for the weekend but first I thought I'd leave y'all with a link-y post filled with Fun Spring Break Favorites!

This may be my favorite AI performance in history.

Silly Charlie. Check this out. (You have to watch til the end.)

Now to me, these sound horrifically disgusting. Have y'all ever tried these? Or even worse yet, these???

Do y'all think we might be a bit paranoid these days?

And last, but certainly not least, this is what I want Max the pupster to be for next Halloween. Now if only I could find it so I could buy it!

Have a great weekend!


Amazingness in a link

Click here.

Fork + Spoon does NOT equal knife

Do y'all ever wonder if we'll still be here in 10 years? No, I'm not getting all philosophical and talking about the earth here. (What, are you kidding me? I'm no WAY that deep.) I'm talking about here, as in with our blogs.

I read somewhere that the average life of a blog is 3 years. To me, that sounded long...but hey, what do I know? I'm barely 6 months into mine but already I've "met" some really cool people and formed some good friendships, even if I don't know the people in real life (IRL). I think about a lot of the people whose blogs I read often. Will I still know you guys in 10 years? 5 years?

Will you guys one day be reading about my wedding, the birth of my kids, a new dog, a new house, a new job? Or will I fade out of the blog-o-sphere eventually, and the brief but intense blog relationships I've made ending? Will I meet any of you guys in real life, or will you remain forever, to me, anonymous bloggers?

I think of blogging somewhat like pen pals. We write back and forth, updating each other about the goings-on in our lives. The only difference is that with pen pals, you're usually far apart. I could be reading the anonymous blog of my next-door neighbor and not know it...you may have met me and not realized it. But since I'm anonymous, you'll never know.

What do you think?



First of all--please keep posting confessions below. The response overwhelmed me! The main reason I did it was after I confessed (anonymously) my own secrets on another blogger's site, I somehow felt better. I hope y'all confessors did too.

ANYWAY. Buckle your seatbelts, this one's gonna be a doozy!

My birthday was great yesterday. I've actually been babysitting in the mornings occasionally for little J. He's now 6 months old and as ADORABLE as ever:

Big sister K. has been there a few days too. I'm really, really loving having little ones again! I do enjoy my time with my new families, but all the kids are older and I miss the babies!!!

I'm at a pretty sticky situation in regards to next year. As most of y'all know, I've taken this year off to work before I go to college. I applied and was accepted last year to my DREAM school up north. Problem is, it's very expensive (as most all private colleges are these days) and we just found out that Dream School (not its real name, duh) isn't going to offer me any financial aid.

We were counting on the financial aid...one year of Dream School would literally empty ALL my savings and all the money my parents have saved up, and I'd still have to take out loans. But unfortunately, since we do have almost enough for a full year at Dream School...they're giving me nada.

Basically I have a few big decisions to make. Either we empty all our savings and send me to Dream School for a year, and then they told us I'll definitely be eligible for financial aid for the next 3 years (but we don't know how much I'll be aid I'll get). So I'd have no money, but be at Dream School. And the perk about Dream School is that it's pretty famous within the field I'm pursuing--so grad school wouldn't be a necessity; I could get a good, well-paying job without it (and save tons of money by not going to grad school). OR I enroll full-time in community college for the next 4 years and graduate from there, while working too, and pursue Dream School for graduate school. OR I go to a bigger state school, emptying about 1/2 our savings, and think about graduate school later.

I'm busy crunching numbers right now and trying to figure out how best to make things work, while still really hoping to go to my dream school. I'm a bit nervous since Dream School's tuition went up $3,000 from last year unexectedly. I don't know what it'll do next year. Another problem is my trip up there in April for the Open House--I booked my flight a LONG time ago expecting to get financial aid (we had NO idea we weren't going to get any). I need to make a decision fairly quickly so we can either keep or sell the tickets.

It's a lot to think about right now. I'd appreciate any suggestions you guys have...


Confession time

In honor of my birthday (tomorrow), I'm stealing an idea from another blogger: "Confession Time." SO, here are the rules!

1. Post an ANONYMOUS comment--of a secret, confession, like, dislike...anything you want. It can be happy and light, it can be deep and depressing. WHATEVER you want.
2. There will be NO judging or cruel comments about anybody else's secrets.

The end!

Any "I hate you, Nanny"s can be sent to theonlinenanny@gmail.com rather than in the comments section, please :-)

Remember, all comments are anonymous, please.

Have fun!



Summer 2007

Mr. & Mrs. R. are going out of town on vacation. For a week, it's just me and the girls. Wednesday to Wednesday. I've babysat for them overnight before, but not for more than 4 days, and not during the summer. I'm excited, and nervous. A.'s been having lots of behavior difficulty lately, and won't often listen to me, but I'm still excited about spending so much time with the girls.

Wednesday morning I arrive at the R.'s house at 6:15 a.m. so Mr. & Mrs. R. can leave. Mrs. R. sends me to the store for last-minute tampons. Finally, at 7:15, they leave. I have to get the girls up at 7:30. A. has summer camp for 6 hours during the day, and E. has a 2-hour class. I get them up, dressed, fed, and teeth brushed, and we're out the door. They're happy to see me. I'm guzzling coffee.

The day goes on without a hitch. I drop both girls off, run some errands (there was literally no food in the house when I got there), and swing back to pick up E. Take her home, feed her, put her down for her nap. Then we're off to pick up A. Take both girls home and play for a while. Make dinner. Feed them. Bathe them. Read to them. Put them to bed. (You may remember when I described their bedtime routine here.) Rinse, and repeat.

The days are mostly the same. The weekend is more challenging because I get food poisoning AND the 7th Harry Potter book came out. I camp myself on the couch, book in one hand, throw-up bowl in the other, and sit the girls in front of the TV for 12 hours straight (something I am adamantly opposed to. I normally don't let the girls watch TV).

Some days are harder than others. It's lonely at night after the girls have gone to bed at 7:30 and I'm awake. I clean the house each night, and do the dishes. Take out the trash. Feed the dog and cat, scoop the cat's litterbox. Read a bit. Some nights A. screams so loudly during a tantrum that I'm afraid the neighbors are going to call the police. Some nights we're all so frazzled and sick of each other that we're all grumpy. E. has nightmares a few nights in a row, and comes in to sleep with me. She tossed and turned.

But amid all tantrums, and the sheer difficulty of being a single mommy to two young kids, is such joy and happiness. At the end of the day when I'm exhausted beyond belief and the girls have fried my last nerve, I still love them fiercely. It's all worth it. All of it.

Back to the present

I miss the girls so badly. I think about them on a daily basis--wondering how they're doing, thinking about what I'd be doing with them at that moment, if. If. If I was with them. But I'm not.

I second-guess quitting a lot, too. But I have to keep reminding myself that Mr. & Mrs. R. were literally making me crazy. I have to keep reminding myself that though I loved the girls so very much, that environment wasn't healthy for me. Or for them...and that kills me. I wanted to save the girls so badly. But there was nothing I could do. So I left.

I feel like a quitter. I feel like a failure to them. I knew them for seven years. Seven years. I remember rocking sweet A. to sleep when she was just a tiny baby. I remember watching her take her first steps. I remember the weight of her on my chest when she'd fall asleep on me. I remember when E. was born--how happy we were. I remember the sound of her high-pitched voice squealing whenever she saw me. I was there for her first steps, too. I remember taking long walks with the girls, just listening to their chatter coming from the stroller. I remember their soft little bodies snuggled up against me as we read stories.

It's been over 2 months now since I've seen them. Some nights, like this one, the pain and grief for my two lost girls is still raw. The wish that I could have said goodbye to them will remain forever. Someone remarked to me that I'm grieving like they're dead, and they're not--but against my wishes, they are to me.


It's a real live post!

Okay, okay. So since this is actually a nanny blog, I suppose we should get some nanny stuff in, eh? But first...

Hm. I don't mind what they're saying...but really, honestly, at 10:02 a.m. I'd rather be asleep snoring under my covers. I thought I would be more of an 11:30 a.m. type of person, but hey, what do I know?

I went to the doctor today with wrist pain in my left arm. Turns out I'm straining it really badly with all the computer blogging and nonsense I do. (Bad blog! Bad!) SO, in order to prevent carpal tunnel syndrome, I get to wear this little ditty 24/7 for the next two weeks:

I've had it on for all of 2 hours and I'm already wayyyyyyyy over it.

So. Nanny stuff!

I'm really enjoying my schedule these days. Administrative assistant stuff in the mornings, babysitting in the afternoon/evenings. Today I'm taking Natty to the barn, as usual, but on Mondays and Fridays I have a new job. I think I mentioned it (briefly) before. It's a 13-year-old girl and 10-year-old boy. I pick 'em up from school and take them home and make sure they do their homeowrk. The girl more or less takes care of herself, but OH boy. The boy.

He's a sweet little guy...but he talks. and talks. and talks. and talks. and talks. and talks. and talks. and talks. and talks. and talks. and talks. and talks. and talks. and talks. and talks. and talks. and talks. and talks. and talks. and talks. and talks. and talks. and talks. and talks. and talks. and talks. and talks. and talks. and talks. and talks. and talks. and talks. and talks. and talks. and talks. and talks. and talks. and talks. and talks. and talks. and talks. and talks. and talks. and talks. and talks. and talks. and talks. and talks. and talks. and talks. and talks. and talks. and talks.

Seriously. I try to comment on what he's saying--or even just squeak to let him know I'm still there--but he just keeps going and going! I think I know his entire life's story, plus his sister's, his mother's, his father's, his dog's, and his great-uncle Stevie's.

Oy vey.

It is fun, though, and doesn't require much on my part except to listen to him talk and pull them apart when they (inevitably) start fighting. And the boy is really, really good at origami--I'm not kidding! He's amazing with it and has started to teach me a few things. So far I've learned how to do a frog's tongue and a spider web, and right now we're working on music notes. I'll try to get pictures up here soon.

Anyway, I'm off to finish working and then getting Natty. Have a great day!


I'm watchin'

Okay. I swear, swear I'll shut up about politics. Soon. BUT. If you have a few minutes, please take a look at this article--it's excellently written and brilliant. It goes against what Tracey blogged the other day, but still--it's definitely worth a read.

Warning: It is pro-Hillary. But read it anyway.

Read the article here.


I've been tagged!

Monica tagged me (my first! woohoo!) so here goes...

The rules:
1) Link to the person who tagged you (see above).
2) Post the rules.
3) Share six non-important things / habits / quirks about yourself.
4) Tag at least three people.
5) Make sure the people you tagged KNOW you tagged them by commenting what you did.
Six non-important things about me:

1). I'm 4'11. That's pretty darn short. I've been confused for an 11 year old more than once...and if it weren't for my boobs, I could get into movies and stuff on a child's ticket.

2). I am madly in love with my car. His name is Damien the Wild Stallion, and I don't know why. He's 13 and has almost 360,000 miles on him.

3). On the spur of the moment 6 months ago, I became an ordained minister online. So far, nobody's asked me to do their wedding. Huh.

4). I have had two fish named Henry. I love the name Henry.

5). I would love nothing more than to have a gigantic library in my house--in which I could sit and read all day long.

6). I have all my future kids' names picked out already. They've changed a bit over the years, but I LOVE them!

Okayyyy. In an effort to get certain *coughcough* unnamed people to POST on their blogs, I tag Sidera, Zanzi, and C.!