When the wind blows...

Well dang, y'all. I'm all confused again. I was pretty confident after announcing Hills as my candidate...but all I've been doing since is questioning myself. Y'all made excellent points and I did some more research and ARGH. I think I may just end up flipping a coin in the voting booth come March 4.

So aside from politics, I have more amazing news to share about my uncle. You guys, we were sure we were going to lose him this week. The doctors had next to no hope. We had a little, but not much. Doctors are saying it's truly a miracle how well he's doing. He actually was able to stand up the other day! And he drank some of a smoothie, a bit of salad...he's eating, guys! It's really, really incredible. I was even able to talk to him (briefly) on the phone the other night. He sounded so weak, but he's fighting. It's just amazing. So thank you for your good wishes, and keep 'em coming. We're so very lucky.

Right now it's thunderstorming and I have a particularly cute little furry guy shaking in his boots next to me. Max HATES thunder! When he was just a pupster, he was abused by his former owners, and we think they may have tried to shoot a gun at him because he hates, hates, hates loud noises. Even when I'm opening and closing the rings on a binder, he runs out of the room cause he hates the sound. Poor little guy. It just disgusts me thinking about what some people do to their pets.

This is turning into a rather up-and-down post :-) so I'll share some pics of the little guy and be on my way! Have a great rest of the weekend, and, as always, if you have something to share on this Hills vs. Barack debate, please weigh in. I'd love to know your thoughts!

He looks a bit stoned in this one, but he's smiling so big!

Such a cutie-pie :-)


lifeofadancer312 said...

What a cutie in that second pic :)

ErinA said...

That's such wonderful news about your uncle...Ill keep up the good thoughts!