Raindrops on roses...

Alas, nothing new to report from the conference. Same ol', same ol'.


I've been doing some thinking. I may just convert to Barack. I didn't think I would ever say that! :-)


All right, y'all. I have a bone to pick with you guys. You have been seriously lacking in the comments section lately. I never know what's going to get you guys to post! Goodness gracious. I try to be all funny and witty and such (which inevitably fails, but I post the stuff anyway cause even if you're laughing at me rather than with me, hey, you're still laughing). And I try not to be too depressing (with the exception of the whole R. thing. But I am allowed to be depressed about that. So hush) or political (who am I kidding? I wrote a whole post devoted to it!).

I know I've posted (see how good I'm getting at linking???) about this before. That post actually got 13 comments (only about half were from me! Yeah!). The post before that one had gotten a big, fat z-e-r-o.

Like I mentioned (TWO links in one post!) before, I don't care what you comment. A simple "HAHAHAHAHAHA" will suffice.

Unless, of course, it calls for a "boohoohoo."


Monica (H)opeful said...

I like reading the comments too! But I haven't been here to comment. Since the thunderstorm we had on Saturday my computer has been out of commission. So here I am in all my glory. I'm glad to read that your uncle is doing better.

lifeofadancer312 said...

what, child?

i comment every time!!!

totally more than you ever comment on my blog!

but anyway... here's another comment! HAHAHAHA

Anonymous said...

You have to be Zen about the comments. I have friends who "ask" for comments, and I always tell them - if you write it, they will come! :) I get between 500-600 hits a day...and often only a small handful of comments.

It's all good.

Although if you become an Obama girl, I will try to comment more often!

sassyshell said...

I've stopped asking for comments, b/c it does nothing! There is no way to know what will provoke them, so just keep posting for your own amusement/enjoyment, not ours! :)

The Nanny said...

Tracey--I really am leaning towards Obama! I suppose I should take down my previous post about going for Hillary since I really am not sure anymore. It's frustrating to have to choose, but I'd really be okay with either democratic candidate--unlike the last few pres. elections :-)

Franklin5 said...

I'm as intermittent with the commenting as I am with the blogging.

When it rains, it pours.

Which is typically followed by a drought of biblical proportions.

But I'm chiming in now to tell you that if you had any inclination whatsoever toward Obama... you'd have been signed, sealed and delivered after his rousing rally at Reunion Arena today.

Oh. My. Word. I can't remember the last time I was this excited about a candidate. I honestly, deep in my core, think that he is It. And it was the thrill of a lifetime to be in the company of 18,000 people who seemed to share the feeling.

Not trying to sway you one way or another, you understand. Just excited. Energized. And yes, dammit: hopeful.

The Nanny said...

I heard about that on NPR--whether or not I ultimately decide to support him, I would have loved to have been there. I actually had a chance to see AND meet him several years ago when he was in Texas and at the last minute decided not to go. I'm kicking myself for it now!