Plug for a good guy

Landon Austin is a supremely talented guy who I went to high school with. He writes and performs his own songs on guitar, and he's amazing. He recently entered in a major competition with Doritos and Myspace and something else, and was one of 3 finalists chosen out of thousands and thousands to have their music video aired during the Superbowl (you may remember that from tonight's broadcast). Well, Landon didn't win but he's still a great guy and an amazing musician.

I can remember many occasions just sitting around at school with my classmates just listening to him play. We were all thinking, "He's going to make it big some day!"

If you can, check out Landon's web site and listen to his music. You can even buy it on iTunes.



Monica (H)opeful said...

Sorry Nanny!

I knew as soon as I said it, I'd f-up. oops!

Blogger has been messing up lately and all the functions it normally has are not available (at least for me anyway). I tried to change the color, and to enlarge a font and spell check but the options were not there or not working ...??? You can also find the hyperlink button on your email, so you can at least see what it looks like and practice linking stuff there until the problem is resolved.

The Nanny said...

I've never seen any of the buttons other than the spell check, picture button and preview. When I want to change color/fonts/italics/bold/etc., I just use html coding...?!?!?!?!?

The Nanny said...

This is weird, weird, weird. Andi just sent me a picture of her "posting page" and it has all sorts of buttons & stuff on it...font, colors, sizes, etc. I don't have any of that! Anybody know what's going on!?!??!

lifeofadancer312 said...

i don't have that either! i have never figured out how to make things bold or italic or anything!

oh and landon is amazing!

d said...

i just found out that the girl who won and the other finalist that isn't landon both have record deals already! they have songs and albums on itunes! not fair!