My civic duty

I just voted for: her.

I struggled up to the very end--I honestly almost checked Barack's box, but...the little voice in my head screamed "Hillary!" so I went with that. I really wouldn't be unhappy with Barack, though, cause I do really like him.

Who'd you guys go for/are you going for?


Monica (H)opeful said...

I'm here.Comouter nightmares AGAIN! I haven't voted yet, and I'm still not quite sure who I'll vote for (if I even get it done today).

I love your peace sign, it's cute. At first, I thought it was a coaster. I guess it could have multiple uses. I'm proud of youfor going though!

The Nanny said...

Monica, I wondered where you've been! :-) I hope your computer gets fixed SOON!

As for the peace sign, it COULD be a coaster, but the surface is a bit too uneven. I had to use the mold of a soccer ball to make it and it's got raised and lowered parts of it--and I'm not good enough with the glue/grout to make it be all that even. Next up, though, I want to make a picture frame!

Monica (H)opeful said...

It's fixed, but Dell is a piece of poo!

BTW, Tag- you're it!