I'm a dork, dork, dork

To start of with: By a miracle of miracles, Uncle Dave is doing fabulously at the moment. Y'all, this is incredible! Last night we were afraid he wasn't going to make it through the week. Today he was sitting up and talking, joking around--he even recognized my aunt and uncle who were there!!! And, get this, he's HUNGRY!!! He actually wanted solid food!!! He hasn't been hungry or wanted food in six weeks. This is awesome!!!!! His kidney has actually started working pretty well again and they were able to hook him up to dialysis. They were also able to start chemo on him to fight the cancer. Keep those thoughts & prayers coming!!!

Nowwwww on to your regularly scheduled blog!

Do y'all ever feel dorky while leaving comments on other blogs? I mean, I do. Often. Frequently. Sometimes I even get slightly paranoid about what the other commenters/comment-readers are thinking about my comments.

I'm a generally awkward person. I know I have a personal motto that says "Nothing's awkward unless you make it awkward," but I tend to make things awkward a LOT. Without meaning to, of course.

Like if I'm meeting friends for lunch. That TOTALLY stresses me out. What if we run out of things to say? What if there's an awkward silence? What if I say something ridiculous? I'm a messy eater, WHAT IF I SPILL SOMETHING ON MYSELF AND DON'T KNOW IT? WHAT IF THERE'S SPINACH STUCK BETWEEN MY TEETH?????

I much prefer holing up in my bedroom, playing games with D. or reading. I'm pretty anti-social.

But back to the comment thing. I mean, I can sympathize well. "I'm so sorry things are rough for you, I'm thinking about you." I'm okay with that kind of thing. But when I read a really funny blog, I really just want to comment with a giant, loud, "HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!" buuuuutttt...I feel weird doing that. But no matter what I say just comes out sounding fake or just plain weird. I usually just end up writing some lame, "That's so funny!" followed by some post-specific detail. Goodness.

So if you're reading this and can empathize, leave a comment. And for further notice: if my comments sound dorky, they're not meant to be. I just don't know what else to say.

Maybe next time I will just go with a giant, loud, "HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!"


Angelle said...

I can sympathize. Just know that I like comments, no matter now dorky. I'm sure most other bloggers do too.

lifeofadancer312 said...

My comments are always awkward... I have to sit there and think about what I am going to say for like, five minutes... except on your blog because it doesn't matter if my comments are awkward on your blog :)


ErinA said...

Thats wonderful about your uncle, I hope continues to feel better. I always feel awkward leaving comments, the way it sounds in my head may be completely different than the way you read it. And Im deathly afraid of misspelling things. LOL!

The Nanny said...

Erin--I totally know what you mean!!! I think I'm being all witty and funny in my comments, and I'm just thinking, "Oh GOD, what if they don't think this is funny?!?!? What if they're just sitting over there thinking what a moron I am?!?!??"

Franklin5 said...

I've read your blog for some time, but I'm not sure I've ever commented before.

However, I can't possibly pass up a chance to comment about commenting, because, well, I just adore that kind of symmetry.

I definitely overthink the whole comment thing, especially when I'm on a stranger's blog. On a friend's blog, I can just be myself, but myself? Is VERY talky. And whereas I really like the talky comments, I recognize that my blithering and blathering might drive other bloggers straight up the wall.

And then there's humor. Love it. Try to use it liberally. But tend to serve it with a heaping side of sarcasm, which not everyone gets or appreciates, especially when it comes in the form of a comment.


See? This is way too talky. And I'm tempted to just delete it. But I'll try to salvage it with something funny. Nice. Safe.

Something like, oh, I don't know...


The end.

The Nanny said...

Franklin5 (is it okay to call you Amy?): I loved your comment. It was the perfect blend of talky (but not blithering and blathering), humor, sarcasm (which I get AND appreciate), niceness, AND safety. Consider me a bloggyfriend and don't be afraid to be yourself here. We're pretty comfy over here. Take off your shoes, put your feet up, and help yourself to the Neapolitan Dynamite ice cream.

(P.S. I'm now rethinking the whole "we're pretty comfy here" bit. I think it's kind of clever, it might result in a small chuckle from all you bloggypeople in blogworld...but you could be looking at me (well, my blog) going, "Okay, that was kind of creepy...". Lord. I'm paranoid about my own blog here.)

Jaime said...

I can totally empathize. I like for people to know I read their blog but I feel awkward leaving comments sometimes.

:) Glad I'm not the only one!

Anonymous said...

Well, fuck, I can't follow Franklin's brilliance. As usual. She always takes the wind out of my sails. I'm used to being the witty writer in my circle of friends. Until I became friends with Franklin.

If I didn't madly adore her so much, I would hate her.

Anywho, back to your blog. I actually almost never feel awkward commenting on blogs, because I always feel like I come across cooler than I am in my writing. I have always these people that think I'm FUNNY! BRILLIANT! COOL! based on my blog. I never want these people to meet me in real life.

Because in real life I have more than a touch of social anxiety, and like you, no matter how much I love someone, I get nervous about actually spending time with them because I feel like I am just an awkward tool half the time in real life.

The Nanny said...

Amen, honey.

Monica (H)opeful said...

That's awesome news about your uncle! I'll keep the prayers coming.

Let it out Nanny. Don't worry about what others think of you or your comments. They don't know who you are anyway.