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Voting in my humble (ha, ha) state is coming up and I've officially thrown myself onto the Hillary bandwagon. I debated about this issue for a long time, y'all, but I've finally made a decision! Woohoo!

For a long time I really couldn't decide between Barack and Hillary. I mean, Barack's just so darn good looking. And Hillary? Well...she's attractive and all, if they were both standing in front of me bearing chocolate-covered strawberries, I've gotta go with Barack.

I think I should clarify a few things I like about each candidate:

*her abortion policy
*most things on economy & budget (like her ideas better than Barack's)
*civil rights (including gay rights)
*energy and environment policy
*gun control (more than Barack)
*I like her idea about health care but don't know if it's feasible
*jobs (she actually said she'd accept minimum wage as president :-)

*his abortion policy (they're very similar)
*economy and budget
*I like his ideas about civil/gay rights better than Hillary
*energy & invironment
*I like his idea about health care less but think it's more feasible

Barack so charismatic. It's easy to get swept away in his storm. But bottom line is, I'm just afraid he'll be putty in the government's (and the country's) hands. And as much as I'd like to think that God, Oprah and Nancy Pelosi will keep him grounded, I'm just not sure about that. And bottom line, I think Hillary has a better chance at winning than Barack. I like them both but have to go with Hillary for that reason.

Anyway, who did you guys vote for/are you guys voting for, and why? It's not too late to change my mind, I suppose. But sorry guys. I'm not voting republican.

P.S. I googled Hillary's name and came up with a picture of Barack on the main page and no Hillary. Huh.
P.P.S. Do you know how many pictures of her I had to go through to find one that wasn't psycho-looking/a copy of Hillary's face merged with Bill??? Sheesh!


Anonymous said...

I also deliberated a long time and really examined the candidates and their positions - and (surprising even myself) decided to go with Obama over Clinton.

I could go for either, but Obama won out for a few reasons. One, I agree more with him on a few issues (Clinton is more moderate liberal, while Barack is more visionary liberal). I think Barack's ideas on immigration, energy and the death penalty coincide more with mine (although I wish he was completely opposed to it as opposed to a moratorium...but it's better than Clinton). I don't like that he just wants to reform NCLB (he accurately recognizes that it cannot work in its current form with no financial backing) instead of getting rid of it altogether instead of Clinton...but other than that one point, I agree more with Obama more than Clinton.

Also, I think Clinton is too polarizing to win. I think Barack has a better shot of winning the whole shebang - and while that should not be the DECIDING factor for any Democrat, we sure as hell better think about it after the past 8 years.

The Nanny said...

Thanks for the comment! I'm the same as you--Barack aligns most closely with a lot of my own opinions. (And like you, I wish there were a candidate who was just firmly. against. the death penalty. I'd probably vote for him/her.) But I disagree that Barack has a better shot of winning. I actually think Hillary does, and that's the biggest part of me voting for her (I know, I know...).

I do hope that, ultimately, whoever gets the nomination chooses the other as VP. It may be wishful thinking, but I think that'd be awesome.

Monica (H)opeful said...

"But sorry guys. I'm not voting republican." Don't apologize for that! That's a wonderful thing :-)

Also, I don't know who I'm voting for. I like them both, and some days I lean towards Barack and others Hlllary. I guess we'll see when I finally get in there to make the decision. I think I would be happy with either.

AND I was gonna ask you how long you had to search for a good picture of Hillary. HA! Can you imagine what she'd look like after her presidency?

The Nanny said...

Oh lord, Monica! I can only imagine what they'll come up with...

lifeofadancer312 said...

woah girl... inviting politics into the blog! brave!

well... i'd put my two cents in but i can't exactly vote yet so i don't really have an opinion....

personally, i would vote for Mr. Potato Head... (actually, Mr. Potato Head was voted for 4 times in the 1983 Illinois election... or something like that... no joke!)

Life ticks on said...

IF I had to choose I would choose Barack.

Mostly because I am a military spouse and I lived in Arkansas and know how the idiot ran things. Now people thing his wife is all good. I just cannot throw my support behind a woman who sat their and let her husband abuse her emotionally with all his tramps. She let him and never said a word. If she lets him do that to her what would she let congress or anyone else do to her and not tell us and just fall into line with them. She has a history of that and I honestly couldnt be a part of something like that. I am honestly hoping we get orders back overseas so I dont have to be in the mainland and be forced to deal with her if she should win.

My second issue is she like her hubby wants to diminish our military. As it stands our military EVEN IF we pulled everyone out of wherever they are we still wouldnt have enough to defend US installations. Her hubby caused so much harm to our military and I fear she would just follow along the same way. When my hubby is on a ship I never see him. When we first moved to our last two ship stations we spent almost the whole first year apart. Why because we dont have enough men/women or ships out there so the ones we have are gone more frequently. Pulling out of Iraq isnt going to change that. Giving the military more money will change that.

Not to mention that now that things are going south for her she is pulling out all stops to be childish. I just cant hang with her.

While I think its high time a woman ran I do not think she is the one to do it. I do not want to be a part of anything that honestly has to do with her.

So if I had to choose Barack would be my man.

The Nanny said...

Life Ticks On--those are interesting points from a vantage point that I didn't even think about. Just out of curiosity--why "if" you could choose?

Anonymous said...

I'm going to go out on a limb here and say that it's "if" she could choose because she is a Republican, so she's saying that "if" she had to vote for a Democrat.

Life ticks on said...

Sorry I didnt comment back... you know how life with kids is. Yeah stomach flu hit 3 of the 4 after I posted that. I have barely been on in over a week.

Yes I am a republican. However I do not like their candidates any better this year ... SOOO Its quite the toss up. Dont tell my hubby but if McCain is my option and Barack is the opposer.... umm Hi Barack Glad to meet you here is my vote.

McCain is a Dem in Republican clothes. So I am not voting for him. He actually wanted to run with John Kerry last time. NOPE NOPE NOPE. He doesnt care how he gets in he wants in.

Then there is the other Arkansas guy... ummm NO enough of them already.

So there is NO ONE left to vote for. However if Hilary is up...ummm like I said I will leave the country for 4 years.