I almost was in a horrible wreck yesterday. It's really shaken me up...I'm just going over it again and again in my head and thinking just how quickly our lives can change. In a snap, an instant. I would not have walked out of that accident okay. The way it would have been--a serious head-on collision--I don't even want to think about what could have happened.

The pupster Max and I had gone to pick up my sister at school. We were driving on a smaller road (just 2 lanes on each side) and I had one hand petting him (he was sitting in the passenger's seat) and one hand on the wheel. I was slightly distracted talking to Max, but I had my eyes on the road.

We were approaching a traffic light. I was in the right lane and in the left lane there was a long line of people waiting to turn left. I slowed down a bit just in case somebody from the other side couldn't see me and pulled out, but didn't see anybody, so I continued ahead. It was my right of way, anyway.

Literally as I entered the very small intersection, it happened. Someone coming from the opposite direction had decided to make a very fast left hand turn--right in front of me. I remember somehow both of my hands on the steering wheel, and slamming on the brakes. I would have crashed head-on into their passenger's door. All I remember of that second is making a conscious decision to close my eyes so that I didn't have to see it when I wrecked. There was no way I could stop in time--we were just too close to each other.

What I remember next is a loud thunk and Max started whimpering. That's when I opened my eyes. When I had slammed on my breaks, he went flying off the seat and hit the dashboard really, really hard.

I looked up and out my window. Somehow, by some miracle, I had avoided the car. Somehow, by some miracle, I had managed to unknowingly veer so sharply to the left to avoid the car that I left skid marks on the pavement. Somehow, by some miracle, the guy to the left of me hadn't entered the intersection yet. Somehow, by some miracle, there was nobody coming from the right direction--as I was completely sideways, in the middle of the intersection. Somehow, by some miracle, I was okay.

I slowly turned my car around and continued on my way. What could I do? I wanted to stop, get out of the car, and cry. I was shaking so hard. Max was whimpering and I was sure he was really hurt. My sister's school was 30 seconds away from there so I just went, shaking, to finish picking her up.

When she got in the car she checked Max to make sure he was okay. No bumps on his head or anywhere, and no more whimpering. I think he'll be fine.

As for me? Like I said before, I'm still shaky. I was scared to drive my sister to dance last night, but I did it. It just never ceases to amaze just how quickly our worlds could be turned upside-down. Something that could have been so horrific was avoided; I'm here, physically okay, now. I just think it'll be a while before I'm okay with Max driving in the car with me again.


Monica (H)opeful said...

How scary! I'm glad you are okay physically. If I were you, I would take Max to the vet to get him checked out, just in case. He may not have any bumps, but there may be some internal damage that you can't see or feel. He may be alright, but it's just a precaution. So glad you avoided such a horrific accident.

ErinA said...

Very glad you are okay! At least you did nothing wrong, I was always like to think that way. But its scary that even if you are a cautious driver, you can still be involved in an accident. I agree, go get your puppy checked out...just in case.

Life ticks on said...

I am so sorry. I know what you mean about those near death feelings... or near crash experiences. Mine was near death. I spun out once... it took me umm about a year to to drive again. Mainly because when I spun out I came within 3 ft of hitting a gas pump that was at the gas station where I spun out. ARGH! It was in the rain and needless to say I would rather walk in the rain that drive. Even to this day and that happened soooo long ago.

Oh and I do not ever drive Thunderbirds because of that either. I blame the car as much as the weather haha.

I drive like a grandma who drives that same 25mph everywhere. I am not quite that bad but almost.

lifeofadancer312 said...

aww man child... i checked your blog this morning expecting to see some grand post about the oscars!