My civic duty

I just voted for: her.

I struggled up to the very end--I honestly almost checked Barack's box, but...the little voice in my head screamed "Hillary!" so I went with that. I really wouldn't be unhappy with Barack, though, cause I do really like him.

Who'd you guys go for/are you going for?


Hello? Is anybody out there?

In a burst of creative energy, D. and I decided to make mosaics last Sunday. We went to a local place and had a great time. Only problem? My aforementioned lack of creativity...

But let's just say I gave it my best shot.

The result?

It's a funky little peace sign! It's pretty cute, in my humble opinion. I thought I was doing pretty well....until I saw D.'s.

Good lord.

I wish I had a picture to post of hers. It was the most amazing dragonfly--all pretty and neat-edged and tiles-lined-up and made-mine-look-like-a-5-year-old's. In fact, there were actually 5 year olds in the shop whose creations looked better than mine.

BUT I DON'T CARE. I like my funky little peace sign. I'm going right now to find a place to hang it in my room.


Take me out to the balllllgame...

Here's a fun fact y'all didn't know about me--I can keep one of these:

D., Sidera, Zanzi and Tru play on a softball team and I keep the scorebooks during the games. I love it. And lucky me, I don't actually have to participate in the games. I just watch!

We won't mention today's score (though I must say, the team did rally back after rather unfortunate first few innings) but oh. my. gosh. was it cold. Y'all, I'm in the south! It's not supposed to be this cold in almost-March!

Yesterday it was GORGEOUS outside. I actually painted my toenails and wore flip flops. Flip flops, y'all. I was estatic. But today? Noooooo. Mother Nature had decided to make it as frigid as she possibly could. The flip side of keeping the books is that I just stand still most of the time in the dugout...by the end of the game, I could hardly write anything down my fingers were so numb! Right now they're rough and chapped--anybody know of a good hand lotion???

This week has been rather insane business-wise. On top of my admin. ass't. job, here are my afternoons:
*Monday: my new babysitting job. A 14-year-old girl and 11-year-old boy. They fight a LOT, but aren't too difficult otherwise.
*Tuesday: the softball game
*Wednesday: taking Natty to the barn
*Thursday: another softball game
*Friday: new babysitting job. Lord...I have so many kids I don't know what to call them! I'll try to work on that.



Are you ready for this?

My taxes are done.

That's right. Signed, sealed, and delivered to the IRS as of this afternoon. I feel SO relieved. It's over, y'all! Tax season hasn't even begun and it's O-V-E-R for me!

I'm going to sleep like a baby tonight. Ahhhhh.



I almost was in a horrible wreck yesterday. It's really shaken me up...I'm just going over it again and again in my head and thinking just how quickly our lives can change. In a snap, an instant. I would not have walked out of that accident okay. The way it would have been--a serious head-on collision--I don't even want to think about what could have happened.

The pupster Max and I had gone to pick up my sister at school. We were driving on a smaller road (just 2 lanes on each side) and I had one hand petting him (he was sitting in the passenger's seat) and one hand on the wheel. I was slightly distracted talking to Max, but I had my eyes on the road.

We were approaching a traffic light. I was in the right lane and in the left lane there was a long line of people waiting to turn left. I slowed down a bit just in case somebody from the other side couldn't see me and pulled out, but didn't see anybody, so I continued ahead. It was my right of way, anyway.

Literally as I entered the very small intersection, it happened. Someone coming from the opposite direction had decided to make a very fast left hand turn--right in front of me. I remember somehow both of my hands on the steering wheel, and slamming on the brakes. I would have crashed head-on into their passenger's door. All I remember of that second is making a conscious decision to close my eyes so that I didn't have to see it when I wrecked. There was no way I could stop in time--we were just too close to each other.

What I remember next is a loud thunk and Max started whimpering. That's when I opened my eyes. When I had slammed on my breaks, he went flying off the seat and hit the dashboard really, really hard.

I looked up and out my window. Somehow, by some miracle, I had avoided the car. Somehow, by some miracle, I had managed to unknowingly veer so sharply to the left to avoid the car that I left skid marks on the pavement. Somehow, by some miracle, the guy to the left of me hadn't entered the intersection yet. Somehow, by some miracle, there was nobody coming from the right direction--as I was completely sideways, in the middle of the intersection. Somehow, by some miracle, I was okay.

I slowly turned my car around and continued on my way. What could I do? I wanted to stop, get out of the car, and cry. I was shaking so hard. Max was whimpering and I was sure he was really hurt. My sister's school was 30 seconds away from there so I just went, shaking, to finish picking her up.

When she got in the car she checked Max to make sure he was okay. No bumps on his head or anywhere, and no more whimpering. I think he'll be fine.

As for me? Like I said before, I'm still shaky. I was scared to drive my sister to dance last night, but I did it. It just never ceases to amaze just how quickly our worlds could be turned upside-down. Something that could have been so horrific was avoided; I'm here, physically okay, now. I just think it'll be a while before I'm okay with Max driving in the car with me again.


Raindrops on roses...

Alas, nothing new to report from the conference. Same ol', same ol'.


I've been doing some thinking. I may just convert to Barack. I didn't think I would ever say that! :-)


All right, y'all. I have a bone to pick with you guys. You have been seriously lacking in the comments section lately. I never know what's going to get you guys to post! Goodness gracious. I try to be all funny and witty and such (which inevitably fails, but I post the stuff anyway cause even if you're laughing at me rather than with me, hey, you're still laughing). And I try not to be too depressing (with the exception of the whole R. thing. But I am allowed to be depressed about that. So hush) or political (who am I kidding? I wrote a whole post devoted to it!).

I know I've posted (see how good I'm getting at linking???) about this before. That post actually got 13 comments (only about half were from me! Yeah!). The post before that one had gotten a big, fat z-e-r-o.

Like I mentioned (TWO links in one post!) before, I don't care what you comment. A simple "HAHAHAHAHAHA" will suffice.

Unless, of course, it calls for a "boohoohoo."


Click and drag what?

So I'm currently taking a 3-day conference that will help me to learn the ins and outs of InDesign (I already know it pretty well) and a new program (I don't think I'm not allowed to say the name). My dad actually works for the company and is giving the seminar so it's been interesting seeing him all professor-y. But after 6 hours staring at the computer screen?

*head crashes down onto computer keys*

Yeah. I mean, some parts were cool, but a lot of it went whooo! straight over my head. But if I catch onto this thing, I can work from up north where I'm going to college on my own hours for some additional income. So that's definitely a plus.

PLUS... (like the segue?) I have another new nanny job!!! It's for a former coach of mine. I'll be watching his kids on Mondays and Fridays for a few hours after school, and I'll work for Natty and her family on Tues., Weds., or Thurs. (they really only need me 1 day/week). Even with my administrative assistant job I'm not earning NEAR as much as I was for the R.'s, so any additional income is very, very welcome! :-)


All right, and since I know y'all were on the edge of your seat about this, I finally figured out why I don't have any text/text size/color/linking buttons on my compose-a-post page on Blogger (my sis had the same problem). We were both using Safari for our internet, but she switched over to Firefox, and voila!, instant buttons. So it must just be Safari that's the problem. Oh well, I don't mind typing in html code the long way. It makes me feel all cool.

And dorky.

But I don't care.


My sweet baby E. turned 4 today. I've been thinking about that a lot. I can't believe she's 4. I miss the girls desperately.


Can y'all blog-gurus tell me about bloglines? Do I really have to type in all the blogs I visit and stuff? Is there an easier way to find out when people have updated?


Anyway, that's about all I have tonight. Mayyyyybe tomorrow's conference will bring something new and exciting.

But I'm not getting my hopes up. It is, after all, six hours of InDesign. No internet access. The world is cruel.


When the wind blows...

Well dang, y'all. I'm all confused again. I was pretty confident after announcing Hills as my candidate...but all I've been doing since is questioning myself. Y'all made excellent points and I did some more research and ARGH. I think I may just end up flipping a coin in the voting booth come March 4.

So aside from politics, I have more amazing news to share about my uncle. You guys, we were sure we were going to lose him this week. The doctors had next to no hope. We had a little, but not much. Doctors are saying it's truly a miracle how well he's doing. He actually was able to stand up the other day! And he drank some of a smoothie, a bit of salad...he's eating, guys! It's really, really incredible. I was even able to talk to him (briefly) on the phone the other night. He sounded so weak, but he's fighting. It's just amazing. So thank you for your good wishes, and keep 'em coming. We're so very lucky.

Right now it's thunderstorming and I have a particularly cute little furry guy shaking in his boots next to me. Max HATES thunder! When he was just a pupster, he was abused by his former owners, and we think they may have tried to shoot a gun at him because he hates, hates, hates loud noises. Even when I'm opening and closing the rings on a binder, he runs out of the room cause he hates the sound. Poor little guy. It just disgusts me thinking about what some people do to their pets.

This is turning into a rather up-and-down post :-) so I'll share some pics of the little guy and be on my way! Have a great rest of the weekend, and, as always, if you have something to share on this Hills vs. Barack debate, please weigh in. I'd love to know your thoughts!

He looks a bit stoned in this one, but he's smiling so big!

Such a cutie-pie :-)


And my vote goes to...


Voting in my humble (ha, ha) state is coming up and I've officially thrown myself onto the Hillary bandwagon. I debated about this issue for a long time, y'all, but I've finally made a decision! Woohoo!

For a long time I really couldn't decide between Barack and Hillary. I mean, Barack's just so darn good looking. And Hillary? Well...she's attractive and all, if they were both standing in front of me bearing chocolate-covered strawberries, I've gotta go with Barack.

I think I should clarify a few things I like about each candidate:

*her abortion policy
*most things on economy & budget (like her ideas better than Barack's)
*civil rights (including gay rights)
*energy and environment policy
*gun control (more than Barack)
*I like her idea about health care but don't know if it's feasible
*jobs (she actually said she'd accept minimum wage as president :-)

*his abortion policy (they're very similar)
*economy and budget
*I like his ideas about civil/gay rights better than Hillary
*energy & invironment
*I like his idea about health care less but think it's more feasible

Barack so charismatic. It's easy to get swept away in his storm. But bottom line is, I'm just afraid he'll be putty in the government's (and the country's) hands. And as much as I'd like to think that God, Oprah and Nancy Pelosi will keep him grounded, I'm just not sure about that. And bottom line, I think Hillary has a better chance at winning than Barack. I like them both but have to go with Hillary for that reason.

Anyway, who did you guys vote for/are you guys voting for, and why? It's not too late to change my mind, I suppose. But sorry guys. I'm not voting republican.

P.S. I googled Hillary's name and came up with a picture of Barack on the main page and no Hillary. Huh.
P.P.S. Do you know how many pictures of her I had to go through to find one that wasn't psycho-looking/a copy of Hillary's face merged with Bill??? Sheesh!


I'm a dork, dork, dork

To start of with: By a miracle of miracles, Uncle Dave is doing fabulously at the moment. Y'all, this is incredible! Last night we were afraid he wasn't going to make it through the week. Today he was sitting up and talking, joking around--he even recognized my aunt and uncle who were there!!! And, get this, he's HUNGRY!!! He actually wanted solid food!!! He hasn't been hungry or wanted food in six weeks. This is awesome!!!!! His kidney has actually started working pretty well again and they were able to hook him up to dialysis. They were also able to start chemo on him to fight the cancer. Keep those thoughts & prayers coming!!!

Nowwwww on to your regularly scheduled blog!

Do y'all ever feel dorky while leaving comments on other blogs? I mean, I do. Often. Frequently. Sometimes I even get slightly paranoid about what the other commenters/comment-readers are thinking about my comments.

I'm a generally awkward person. I know I have a personal motto that says "Nothing's awkward unless you make it awkward," but I tend to make things awkward a LOT. Without meaning to, of course.

Like if I'm meeting friends for lunch. That TOTALLY stresses me out. What if we run out of things to say? What if there's an awkward silence? What if I say something ridiculous? I'm a messy eater, WHAT IF I SPILL SOMETHING ON MYSELF AND DON'T KNOW IT? WHAT IF THERE'S SPINACH STUCK BETWEEN MY TEETH?????

I much prefer holing up in my bedroom, playing games with D. or reading. I'm pretty anti-social.

But back to the comment thing. I mean, I can sympathize well. "I'm so sorry things are rough for you, I'm thinking about you." I'm okay with that kind of thing. But when I read a really funny blog, I really just want to comment with a giant, loud, "HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!" buuuuutttt...I feel weird doing that. But no matter what I say just comes out sounding fake or just plain weird. I usually just end up writing some lame, "That's so funny!" followed by some post-specific detail. Goodness.

So if you're reading this and can empathize, leave a comment. And for further notice: if my comments sound dorky, they're not meant to be. I just don't know what else to say.

Maybe next time I will just go with a giant, loud, "HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!"


Alas, no victories for me.

But no victories for D., either, cause we didn't play any games. Auntie Flo came in town rather nastily and severely for me yesterday and I only had one thing on the brain:

D., like the amazing trooper that she is, humored me and drove me to T.om Thu.mb to get some.

Oh my god, y'all.

It's like...heaven in a pint-sized container of glory.

And I ate the whole. damn. thing.

That's right. The whole thing. In like an hour. I've never even come close to that before. As much as I enjoyed it, I was feelin' it an hour later. Talk about the world's biggest sugar high followed swiftly by the world's biggest sugar high crash.

Ohhhh...I'm tired just thinking about it...

But ANYWAY. I'm going to side note here and ask y'all for a few thoughts and prayers for my sweet uncle Dave. He's about the coolest uncle you could ask for and I love him dearly.

Uncle Dave was a diabetic for 30 years. At the end, he was on dialysis--2 hours hooked up every day. We thought he didn't have long at all to live...he had been on a liver and pancreas transplant list for so long with no results. Then we got a phone call--they had a liver and a pancreas available! He had the surgery and it was a great success. It was amazing. He was a whole new man.

That was 10 years ago, and he's done great ever since, until recently. About a month before Christmas, he started not feeling well again. They found a HUGE hernia in his stomach. They operated at the beginning of January and thought they fixed it. They didn't, and he started going way downhill. He had major complications with the surgery. They had to re-operate a week ago and found cancer all in his abdomen. At this point they don't know what they can do. His kidneys are failing, and they don't know why. The cancer has spread from his lymph nodes into his liver. He's been delirious for the past few days, having conversations with people who aren't there. It's scary and sad.

If you can, think about him and his wife, my aunt Faye. They're both in their mid-50's and have so much longer to live. They're about the most generous people you could imagine. They don't have any children, but they single-handedly raised money over the years for all of their nieces and nephews' college funds--thousands and thousands of dollars. College wouldn't even be a possibility for me without their help.

I may be flying up there in the next few days. We're just not sure what is going to happen yet. I'll keep you posted, though.



Check it out! Change is good!

So I've stepped outside of my blogging comfort-world and made some drastic changes to the blog.

Well...not drastic. I'd say more...amazing?

Look up! Check out the new header! Isn't it SO COOL?!?!? The fabulously and incredibly talented Andi designed it, and I love love love it. She's awesome, y'all. She can design both blogs and headers, and will start out doing them FOR FREE--all you have to do is purchase a kit if you want the whole blog(like $5. Seriously) or images.

I told her a general idea of what I wanted in the header and she came back to me only 2 days later with great suggestions. I asked her to change a few things, and voila--it was done! If y'all are looking for a change for your blog, she's seriously the best. I'm definitely going back to her when I become The (Online) College Student in August. :-)

Anyway, I promise a full post tomorrow. Not much has been going on besides work, work and MORE work! (And the boring administrative assistant work--not nannying. But I do have some interesting anecdotes to share about visiting 9 different retirement homes yesterday. More on that later.) But D. comes home tomorrow from a trip she's been on and I'm SO EXCITED! We recently learned a new game so I am muey excited to challenge her to it. Cause, of course, I'm going to win.

Hopefully this time tomorrow my blog's title will be "VICTORY IS MINE!" followed by the Wicked Witch of the West's evil cackle. Can y'all tell I'm a tad bit competitive?

P.S. Hey guys--I linked TWO different things in this post! I'm a beast!


testing, testing, one two three...

Sidera and I spent FOREVER figuring the linking thing out. Here's a (bad) cell phone picture of what I see on my "posting page" (ignore the IM with Sidera in the corner):

So I have to do the linking the old-fashioned html-code way. I think we've finally got it figured out. Of course, I don't have anything interesting to link to right now so I'll just send you to google... :-)

Will y'all try the link nonetheless to make sure it works? Thanks!



Hey, I can dream, can't I?

SO all of you artsy-fartsy bloggers out there have inspired me. I posted earlier about my...um...talent? in ceramics (which, as we all know, doesn't exist) so I figured it was time to try photography now that I've found my digital camera. I grabbed the pupster and we went for a walk. Here's how it turned out!

This one was of the pupster before we left. I couldn't resist posting it cause he's just so darn cute:

Here are the "nature-y" ones (including Max):

And my personal favorite du jour:

I believe it's a woodpecker feeder with one of those lids on top to keep the squirrels away. I thought it looked cool.

Anyway, I'm running to meet D. for lunch before she goes out of town this afternoon. More later!


Plug for a good guy

Landon Austin is a supremely talented guy who I went to high school with. He writes and performs his own songs on guitar, and he's amazing. He recently entered in a major competition with Doritos and Myspace and something else, and was one of 3 finalists chosen out of thousands and thousands to have their music video aired during the Superbowl (you may remember that from tonight's broadcast). Well, Landon didn't win but he's still a great guy and an amazing musician.

I can remember many occasions just sitting around at school with my classmates just listening to him play. We were all thinking, "He's going to make it big some day!"

If you can, check out Landon's web site and listen to his music. You can even buy it on iTunes.


Beef speaks

So today, Feb. 4., is "National Hug a Hungarian Day."

I'm Hungarian.

I expect lots of hugs.

* * * *

In other news, I found a really cool new web site. It's a great concept--check it out: http://ifoundyourcamera.blogspot.com/

* * * *

I don't have a lot to say (as you can tell). The Giants won, woohoo! (HAH, who am I kidding? I know NOTHING about football. I watched the game with D. today and read almost the whole time. Except for watching the commercials. I watch those. Just not the actual game. D. thinks I'm insane.)

* * * *

I took my beloved car to be inspected the other day. As I was sitting in the little office waiting for them to finish, I pulled out my calendar to write something down. The head inspection guy looks at me and asks, "Hey, d'you write diaries for a livin' or somethin'?"


* * * *

My pupster Max has a suspicious lump on his back, towards his butt. My sis and I are slightly worried about it, but it seems to have gone down some over the past day or so. He got a few shots at the vet on Friday so we're hoping it's just from them. Regardless, I'm calling the vet as soon as they open tomorrow.

* * * *

I found my digital camera!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Actually, my sis did. I lost it over a year and a half ago, right after I got back from Germany. I had uploaded most of the pics but none of the videos, so now that I have them, I'm so excited! Germany was so fun and just gorgeous.

* * * *

I work today for my new family. I suppose I need to give them a name on the blog, huh? Let's just call them the M.'s (I know, it's a lot to keep up with. Sorry, y'all). I'm not taking Natty to the barn (the mom is doing that) so I'm just staying home with Izzy, Bean and Liv (like the nicknames?). They're the younger 3 girls.

* * * *

Yeah...as this post is getting slow-motion L-A-M-E-R by the second, I'm going to head off for now. HOPEFULLY something exciting will happen at the M.'s today so I can post about it. But I'm not hoping TOO hard. Remember what happened last time I wished for that? http://theonlinenannydiaries.blogspot.com/2007/10/well-dear-readers-as-youll-soon-see-i.html#links

* * * *

I really, really need to learn how to link web sites in blogger so that you guys can just click on the underlined word and it'll take you to the site.

* * * *

I'm going to bed now as it's 12:30 a.m. Goodnight!