Up, down, turn around...

Thanks to D. for the update below :-)

I've gotten an influx of...um...very interesting google searches in the past few days. I'll share them with you because I'm just too kind:

(Starting with the least best, working up to #1))

8. "Good quality the nanny diaries free online"
7. "What to say when quitting a Nanny job"
6. "Quitting nanny" (Y'all, you know how that turned out for me. Perhaps you should look elsewhere if you're trying to find out a good way to quit...)
5. "Crazy nanny stories"
Okay, so those are the (fairly) normal ones. Now it starts getting interesting. I have no earthly idea how these people got to my blog this way.
4. "pee so badly wet" (???)
3. "peter citoyens puzzle" (??????)
2. "click new karl box 1978" (??????????)
The #1 (in my opinion) best google search that lead people to my blog...
1. "jdm congressional weed prix" (????????????????????????????)

I have NO CLUE what the last 4 are. I mean, I'm guessing a weirdo googled #4 just to see what would happen. But #'s 3, 2 and 1? I mean, how did the google people think to send them my way???

It's made for some very amusing thought processes. I actually googled them myself to see what came up. All I got for "pee so badly wet" was a lot of pee stories/information. Nada for Peter Citoyen, nada for Karl's box (or Karl Box), and nada for "jdm congressional weed prix." Huh.

If y'all are out there, will you pretty please tell me why you googled those things? I'm very interested.


lifeofadancer312 said...


you should have some interesting ones for next time...


Monica H said...

I'll have to share my list- it's pretty ridiculous.