This hurts worse than pulling off a bandaid

Ouch, y'all. While checking up on a blog that I LOVE, I discovered that I'd been removed from the person's blogline. Ouch. I'm hurt, I must say. Why did this happen? Have my posts not been good enough??? Have I not commented on the person's blog enough??? My mind reels.

(I hope y'all realize I'm not seriously complaining. Just making sure.)

(I do wonder why I was removed, though. I try to keep my blog nice and clean...and fairly interesting...though I do complain a lot...)

(Maybe I'm just not funny enough?)

(Can you tell I'm procrastinting doing work?)

(Why the heck would that person remove me???)

(Lord. I need a life.)


Monica H said...

OUCH! That does hurt (who was it?- email me- I wanna know)

I'm sorry though, that's a blow to your self confidence especially since youcan't delete someone by accident. (I'm know I'm not making it any better- sorry) I can add you to my blog twice if that makes you feel any better ;)

I did not vote on your poll, because I wouldn't do any of those. I would call or just show up to their house when you KNOW they'll be there and speak to them or leave a message. If you email or sent a letter they can say they never got it, unless you send it registered.

They obviously don't care about the carseats or they would have tried to contact you. In the letter or message, I would state that you are going to donate (i.e. sell them) by a certain date if they don't schedule to pick them up or drop them off.

I, personally, think they are avoiding you and are not wanting to contact you on purpose. Don't let them chicken shit their way out of this. They were at wrong here, not you. Confront them and if they still avoid you, then sell the stuff- you have no use for it.

BTW, I'm glad you're no longer private :)

Monica H said...

BTW, if it wasn't clear, I would send a registered letter. If you show up to their house with the car seats, then they win again. I'm all about them having to confront the situation. I'm a little vindictive... that's the way I roll.

The Nanny said...

Hahaha. You made good points, as always. Want to come down here and do it for me??? :-)

sassyshell said...

I know that I removed you from my bloglines list b/c when you went private it kept showing me the angry red ! so I just bookmarked the site and would visit every few days to check it out. So maybe it was an accessibility issue?

The Nanny said...

Oh, it could be. Thanks for thinking of that, sassyshell!

pithydithy said...

Hope you're not talking about me! My blog roll is linked to my bloglines subscriptions. But I can't subscribe to private blogs, so when you went private the link disappeared. If you weren't talking about me, this may still explain things since I know that I'm not the only one who uses bloglines for the links in their blog.

The Nanny said...

That does help explain things--that may just be it :-)

I'm not private anymore, thank goodness. But not being private does bring back the random google searches...I got one visit from a person who googled "pee so badly wet." Ohhhkayyyyy...