My four new girls = Nat.alie, Isa.belle, Chris.tina and Oli.via

Aren't those pretty names? I think so. I don't like using N. or I. or any of the other ones either. Maybe I'll just come up with nicknames? Or maybe I'll just use their real names, with periods in them?

What do y'all think?


Monica H said...

Hi Nanny,

I came back early (long story). Anyway, I'm glad you shared their names with us. They are beautiful.

It might get confusing having to decipher which of the 4 girls you are talking about just because there are so many. I can't wait to hear stories about them though :)

Also, do you think that Mr. and Mrs. R saw you the other day when you saw them? Do you think that they know you were trying to avoid them and that's why they are not contacting you? I know it seems unlikely, but they are a little nuts like that.

stellatus sidera said...

i think you should make up names. or periods. actually either works.
hoorah! those are pretty names.
zanzi says hi.

The Nanny said...

Monica H--no, there's absolutely no chance. It was Mr. R. and E., and she was asleep on his shoulder and all I saw was the back of his head walking in the door (when I ducked out of sight).

I'll work on some nicknames...I realize that's a lot of girls! :-)