My babies

Y'all have seen my little Maxipoo, but here's another picture just for grins:

Now, to make her grand T(O)ND debut, is Lulabelle!

Lula, or Lu (as we call her), just celebrated her first birthday. She's a sweet, albeit crazy, lovable parakeet. She's out of her cage quite often, helping me with homework...

sitting on a purple crazy straw...

playing with dice and generally being annoying. She loves being out and flying around, and when we put her back in her cage, she gives us this look:

She's very demanding--if we have food out, we HAVE to give her a bite or she won't leave us alone. She also loves it when D. & I play cards so she can mess them up and pull them away from us! But the coolest thing about Lu is that she talks like CRAZY! We have so much fun teaching her to say weird things. Her repetoire includes:

* Get me out of here!
* I can talk, can you fly?
* Oops, I pooped!
* Cathy is cute
* The dog is depressed
* Pretty bird!
and, my personal favorite, * Harry Potter mustn't go back to Hogwarts! (in the words of Dobby)

We're currently teaching her to say ¿Dónde están mis pantalones? The funny thing is that Lu will mix up the phrases, so occasionally we'll hear "The dog is cute," or "Harry Potter is depressed." Once we even heard "The dog is pooped is cute!"

That concludes my little update about Lula. Sorry about the bad quality of the pictures, they're all cell phone pics. I haven't replied to Mrs. R. yet, I'll keep y'all posted on that. More later!


stellatus sidera said...

i love lula. i really do.
when i start laughing hysterically and cover my face with my hands, it's a sign of love.
let's see juno, kay?

Monica H said...

I love Lula too. She's so smart! We once had a parrot names Rhett, who quoted stuff from "Gone With The Wind".

I need to get you a digital camera, when's your b-day?

OH, BTW, I was fooling aroung with the analytics thing and someone was searching for "get your dog pregnant using a turkey baster" and my blog came up. That made me laugh :)

lifeofadancer312 said...

cute pictures! i love the second one of Lu on a straw :)

The Nanny said...


And Monica H.--that's so funny about your parrot! My birthday is in March, but I must warn you--I've aleady gone through 2 digital cameras. I just lose them/lose interest in them. So I just stick to cell phone cameras lol.

And WOW. Who would even think of getting their dog pregnant with a turkey baster???