LIVE from Nanny's bed...it's TUESDAY AFTERNOON!

Sooooo...back home now, in bed. I'm sure that's the most riveting thing you've read all day, huh? :-)

* No news from Mr. & Mrs. R. No e-mail response, phone call, etc. Zip, zilch, nada.

* Partying with your grandparents CAN be fun, especially when they hand out party poppers with cool hats inside.

* Balderdash is a fun game.

* Airplanes make me airsick. Flying today was not fun.

* It was very bizarre flying from a place with tons of snow to where I am now, where there's no snow and it's fairly warm outside!

For the new year, I present 2008 facts about ME. Just kidding, I won't list that many. I'm not even sure there ARE that many. Howsabout 10? Or if I can't even think of that many, 5? (Thanks for the idea, Monica & Monica H.!)

1. My parents first heard my name when a woman shouted it across a gas station to her kid. They liked it. And since my parents are teachers, they wanted a name that none of their students had--so that was it!

2. I know I posted this on Monica H.'s site, but I'll post it here, too. I'm a strict vegetarian who also doesn't eat cheese. I'm not a vegan (I love milk & yogurt and stuff) but just won't eat cheese. This makes finding things to eat challenging. People ask me all the time why I don't just give it up but I'm too stubborn to go back :-)

3. My car is slathered in political bumper stickers.

4. I have an amazing sister (who is sitting right next to me & told me to write that).

5. Max the pupster was rescued from a daschund rescue service. (That's not about me, but oh well.)

6. I have to shower every morning or I can't wake up.

7. I like my coffee strong and pitch black. I can't drink it any other way.

8. My favorite food in the entire world is a salad pizza from a particular restaurant: It's a thin crust pizza with just sauce, no cheese, and a salad on top of it. It's amazing.

9. My walls are a very happy yellow.

10. Sometimes at night, I like to go to the nearest park and swing on the swingsets.


Thank you all for your kind and supportive comments, and also your input. It may sound cliche but I really do love & appreciate my blogger friends!

Here's to an amazing 2008!


Monica H said...

#10- not so safe!

And how do you eat pizza without cheese?- that makes me sad just thinking about it.

Autumn was rescued too, but even cooler, is I taught to eat off a fork! I've got pics to prove it :)

Monica said...

I like #10, but I must agree with Monica H. that it isn't safe.

I like the story about your name.. too funny. My dad told me he got my name from the December Play.boy centerfold. He's joking... I hope, cause' that's pretty trashy.

lifeofadancer312 said...

Monica H-
The pizza is actually REALLY good! You would be surprised!

Oh and number 4 is the BEST! :-)

The Nanny said...

Don't worry, Monicas, the park is safe. It's literally walking distance from my house at an elementary school (there's a security guard there at night). And there are a lot of lights. Thank you for being concerned :-)

The Nanny said...

OH, and I'm never alone when I do that. I always have 2+ friends with me.

Monica H said...

Did I miss the Monday Morning LIVE Show?

The Nanny said...

Haha there was no Monday Morning LIVE Show. There was a Tuesday Afternoon show :-)

lifeofadancer312 said...

YAY you commented on my blog!