I've gotta be good at SOMETHING, right???

*Update below*

Yeah...and ceramics ain't it. I was inspired by Monica H.'s beautiful and artistic creations to show off some of my own. I took a ceramics course my senior year (that's right, it was a year-long course) and ... er ... I wasn't very good. I was okay at the wheel, though I could only make small cylinders, but I STUNK at hand-molding. And glazing? Ha. Ha. Riiiiiight.

Here's a bowl I made for my mom. I sent it home to her and she put it out in the kitchen with some fruit in it, like a good mommy. But when I came home again, it was gone. Banished into the cupboards. I was insulted. But I still love her.

This is the inside, looking down on it (again, excuse the BAD lighting and quality, it's my cell phone camera):

And here's the outside (I flipped it upside down for the picture):

The inside & outside have a mint-green underglaze. The rim is a deep, shiny blue, and the little pink heart in the middle I put in for my 3-year-old cousin Marley, who was in treatment for leukemia at the time. (She's now in remission.) The outside is done with lavender, deep blue and gold glaze sponged on.

So that was about the extent of my talents in ceramics! I made a few other bowls and a (very) lopsided teapot, and it was all fun to do. I'm no beast like Sidera or Monica H., but at least I can do better than a cracked spoonrest, eh, Zanzi? :-)

On another note, I start my new job tomorrow! I'm so excited. I may not post again tomorrow, but I'll let you guys know how it went after that!

Edited to add: Today went great! I drove N., the oldest girl, 40 miles away to her horseback lesson, and back. That was it! She's a really cool, sweet girl and we had fun together. Due to scheduling difficulties, I won't see them again until next Tuesday, but I'll keep you guys posted as always!


lifeofadancer312 said...

I wondered why this bowl was sitting on the couch last night.....


good luck with the girls today!

Monica H said...

Thanks for saying I am beautiful and artistic. Oh? You weren't talking about ME?

I first have to say, that I only paint them, I do not shape them or form them from clay. That takes major talent and patience. They're just plain bisque, until I decide what I want to pit on them. Thanks for the credit, but half the work is already done.

I like your fruit bowl! You should give it another shot. Did you make anything else?

The Nanny said...

Haha I did. I'll try to get some pictures of the lumpy teapot to put up, and the other few bowls. My favorite piece was wrecked in the kiln on its glaze firing (somebody's fell on top of it and it broke), so unfortunately my pride and joy is not here today. :-(

Monica H said...

You know what's funny? The outside of this bowl looks likes your blog.

Speaking of blog, I thought you were going to add a fancy title or picture or something.

The Nanny said...

I was but it wouldn't work on my computer! Then the whole R. shenanigan happened and I didn't know if I was going to be a nanny any longer and blah blah blah. So I just haven't gotten to it yet :-)

stellatus sidera said...

two things:
1. okay see but you sound EXACTLY like you know what you're talking about when you describe the bowl. "mint-green underglaze blah blah gold glaze sponged on"
yeah. you sound like an aritist giving a self-critique at an art show. way to be an artist.
2. can you make up names for the girls instead of referring to them as letters? like. not their real names. but. just names. because it so kind of. diminishes the story when all of a sudden you're calling a small child by a letter.

i'm just saying :)


my dad's birthday was yesterday and my mom got him a men's warehouse gift certificate that said "take clinton with you."

it was grand.