Honey, I'm old

Now BEFORE I START THIS BLOG, let me preface:

* I do NOT think I'm old.
* I do NOT want to offend anybody.
* This blog is for COMEDIC PURPOSES ONLY. (Yes, it did happen.)

Now you may continue on with your regularly scheduled blog-reading.


I finally got back together with my new employers for work. I had to take Natty and a friend to the barn for horseback (the barn that's 40 miles away...that I have to, literally, drive 6 cities away to reach...the barn that sits in the middle of nowhere but still has an internet signal (yes!)...yeah, that barn). I surrendered control of the radio to Natty's friend, who is also 12 but looks and acts like she's going on 17. Rap music blasted at full blast! The whole way! Woohoo!

After, oh, thirty continuous minutes of Li'l John or Romeo or whoever the heck it is, I tenatively ask if we can change the channel.

"Sure!" she chirps.
I close my eyes and say a quick prayer that she is an NPR fan..."Think" is on, and I like that show. Eh, no such luck. She hits Justin Timberlake's "Sexyback."

"OHMYGOD. This song is, like, SO OLD," she screams.


It's ... it's like a YEAR old.

That's old?

Before I can stop myself, I blurt out, "Honey, you don't know what OLD is. I remember when BRITNEY SPEARS was dating Justin."

Natty's friend slowly turns down the music.
They look at me in awe and wonder.

"How old ARE you???" Natty's friend asks.
"Old," I reply.

And in that moment, I felt it. Oy vey. I am old. I should have kept my mouth shut, too.

"Yeah, and I even remember Princess Di's death," I add.

Blank stares.

"Who's Princess Di?" Natty asks.

Oh, man. I'm an old fart. I really am.

Holy CRAP--is this a gray hair?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?

I'll be back later. I'm going to go buy some damn hair dye.


Furrow said...

Ha! I was in college when Britney was still a mouseketeer! Silly girl.

My husband has gray hairs in his sideburns. That makes me feel old.

Carole said...

Oh my...that's too funny. I never ask the kid's in preschool choir how old I am as I'm afraid they'd all shout 100! lol

Monica H said...

Ha! That's funny :) Remember whe Brit's sister was a nobody- oooh! They're 12, what do they know? My brother is the same way, but slightly better because he's not a girl.

Jaime said...

Hey Nanny!

I've lurked around your blog a few times (found it from looking at Dianthe @ Kidd Kraddicks's blog) and I absolutely LOVE it!

Finally felt compelled to comment! :) I'm 20 and I went to take my state test for getting my real estate test back in...oh October I think...and the morning of, I noticed my FIRST gray hair. AGH!

Good Luck with the R's.

♥ Jaime

lifeofadancer312 said...


you may be old but you sure be short

did that make any sense?

oh well...

Anonymous said...

True story.

I'm 22, in grad school, engaged, living on the East side of Providence in a tiny studio apartment, thinking I'm totally all that. I'm the varsity swim coach for an all girls' school swim team. Because the team is not that big, we drive two vans to meets - I drive one, and my assistant drives the other.

I announce to the girls as we're on our way to a Very Important Meet that I have something guaranteed to pump them up. They are excited. I'm certain I am the coolest coach ever, as I stayed up the night before making the ultimate pumped up mix tape (yes, this is back in the day of mix tapes).

I pop it in.
I ask if they're ready.
They lean forward in anticipation.

The beginning notes of the Rocky theme song fill the van, and I crank it up, and expectantly look in the rearview mirror.

They are looking at me in confusion.

They never heard of Rocky. Or his theme song.

I realized then and there that it was all downhill.

stellatus sidera said...

so. i was online.
imagine that.
looking at a page of justin.
on last.fm.
and there were comments or something on it.
and one girl was like "OMGGGG I DIDN'T KNOW HE WAS IN N*SYNC!!!"

and i was like *palmface*

d said...


my brother was so young when brit was popular... i could actually get him to sing 'hit me baby one more time' with me.... he knew all of the words



lifeofadancer312 said...

hahahaha d i can totally see your brother doing that!


Life ticks on said...

haha I love it. Its too true though. I actually have a 12 yr old of my own (soon to be 13) so I really am the old one LOL! She quite frequently looks at me like that.

Best part is I dont have to give in to her silly whims its MY HOUSE MY RULES hahaha.

Sara said...

hysterical! my dad called me on my 30th birthday (just 3 weeks ago) to call me an old fart, so I can feel your pain!!