Woohoo for you guys!

Thanks for all the encouraging notes & comments on the last post. I'm scared as heck not having a full-time job yet for when I resign but we'll see what happens!

Sooooo...this is an E. story from last Friday. I posted (www.theonlinenannydiaries.blogspot.com/2007/10/hi-everybody-e.html) a while ago about how when she's eating lunch, she likes for me to do fun things--the seesaw, the wiggly worm, the window etc--when spooning food into her mouth (she doesn't need me to, but likes me to sometimes when she's pretending she's a baby). Lately she's started doing it to herself.

She'll pick up a piece of food and say some jibber-jabber (sometimes it's still hard to understand her!) and then put the food in her mouth. It's pretty cute to watch. But on Friday, after she had done that a few times, she again picked up a piece of food but instead of putting it in her mouth, she just stared at it.

And stared at it.

And stared at it.

"E.?" I prompted. "Whatcha doin', babe?"



*she bursts into tears*

"What's wrong, E.???"

I went over and hugged her and tried to figure out what was wrong. After many tears and much to-do, she finally whispered something to me: "I wanna do The Window but it's too COLD to open the window!" followed by more tears.

I sat there dumbly for a few minutes, not really knowing what to do or say. I mean, I get her logic--she wanted to do "the window" with her food, but she realized it was winter and too cold to open an actual window, so in her 3-year-old's mind she put that together and saw a problem--but it was just so darn funny. I didn't laugh, of course (not wanting to crush her imaginative spirit) but it took me a while to figure out what to do. She wouldn't accept that there was a difference in doing "the window" with food and opening an actual window.

So I jumped into my nannygear mind and proposed the following: that she and I quickly put on our coats so that it wouldn't be cold when she did "the window" with her food. I'm sure you all are completely confused by this point, but it made sense to her and me (hey, I think in 3-year-oldspeak) and it worked.

She ate the bite.

Score one for Nanny!

In other news, I just got my exam results: A+ on the exam, A+ for the semester. I'm thrilled and excited! Instead of taking another semester of French, I started a part-time job this morning as an administrative assistant for a local business. It's about 20 hrs a week and I can do it from home in my pj's, so I'm WAY happy. So at least when I quit my nanny job, I'll have a little extra income coming in just to help.

Anyway, I'm off. Keep up the great comments!


stellatus sidera said...



i cannot wait to have kids so i can have stories like this every day.

that is so unbelievably genius.


lex and i are starting a publishing company once we've had enough of college and drop out. we'll publish you.

and speaking of college:
1. congrats on your exams and semester gradessss!
the A&M letter came in the mail today.

i win.

lots of motivation for my exams tomorrow.




Monica H said...

Great job Nanny on your A+!

I think it made total sense to put on your coats. E. is too funny! I would have laughed.

Life ticks on said...

Congrats on the A+!

And your lil one is so silly... and because I have a 4 yr old of my own right now I totally understand what you said! Sad but true...

sassyshell said...

Congrats on the exam and semester! That must feel really really good. Are you counting down the days until you quit? Any luck finding a new family?

The Nanny said...

Sassyshell--I'm counting down the days but at the same time I'd dreading it! I'm most worried about the 2 weeks notice bit...I'm scared to face them after I quit, and I still don't have a real reason that I can tell them about why I'm quitting.

And I'm still looking for a new family...:-)

leapnlzrds said...

That E story is awesome. I love how 3 year olds have such great imaginations!!! My whole class (of 3 y/o s) is convinced they play for the Denver Broncos. We love football woooohoooo!

Life ticks on said...

You could try telling them (which is why they like to let the nanny go) you feel that you are growing to attached to the children and therefore feel that a clean break is needed now vs when you leave for college in another town in the fall.

You could also tell them that while you love being with them there are some things that have come up that you need more time to attend to (umm school!) and therefore you need to give them 2 wks notice and take care of your issues....