(I made this on http://www.blyberg.net/card-generator. Cool, huh? I'm such a dork.)

This weekend I:

*Saw my sister dance beautifully in the Nutcracker
*Hung out with D
*Played a million games (and lost spectacularly at most of them. What IS with this losing streak I'm having???)
*Filled out scholarship apps (woohoo!)
*Thought I was going to die of carbon monoxide poisoning (explanation? See below.)
*Ate the yummiest thing in the world--a salad pizza (pizza with salad on top instead of cheese. YUM. Seriously, guys. It's amazing.)
*Watched an episode of Scru.bs that I'd never seen before (ALWAYS a good time)
*Finished my homework in time to be able to sit down tonight and watch Waitress (which I am about to do as soon as I'm done blogging)

Okay. So. Carbon monoxide poisoning.

D. & I were hanging out today playing games and doing homework. We were the only ones home except for Max, my pupster. We were playing with him--or trying to, since he wasn't being very responsive. He was acting really lethargic and didn't really want to be touched. We figured he wasn't feeling well and just left him alone.

A little later, we both got REALLY tired. I mean, seriously tired. D. even started feeling nauseated. It was bizarre.

So what did our little overreactive minds do?

Immediately jump to the conclusion that there's probably carbon monoxide in the air and we're both being poisoned (nevermind that there's a CM detector in the house). We grab Max and run outside, where we're trying to do our homework and wait it out til other people get home and can validate/invalidate our concerns, but it's SO windy that things are blowing everywhere and D. is trying not to throw up and it's generally not good.

THAT'S obviously not working, so we come up with another solution. Go get smoothies (another resounding YUM). We grab the pupster and head to Smoo.thie K.ing where, after a smoothie apiece, we feel better.

So we go home.

I'm still alive and it's several hours later, so I'm assuming I'm okay.

But y'all: if I haven't blogged by, say, next Tuesday, come looking for me.


the nanny's sister said...

wow... you have a sister?? why haven't you ever mentioned her before? i bet she is one amazing person huh? and an amazing dancer? wow!


anyway... lets hope that you don't have carbon monoxide poisoning because that means i do too! ahh!

oh and next time you get a smoothie, i want one!

The Nanny said...

hey sis. i've mentioned you before, haven't i???

annnnnd if you give me money, i'll buy you a smoothie.



jourdan said...


...only 2 weeks until we can have one together!

The Nanny said...

Oh my GOD, Milly, it was incredible...I'm not even kidding. It was AMAZING. I ate the whole darn thing in one sitting (it was only a small tho lol)!

stellatus sidera said...

i think your girls are obsessed with POOP.
which is slightly alarming.
usually it's boys.

way to be poisoned.

i miss joo.

come to school again.

Monica H said...

Where did you get pizza from? Now I want to go try it out. I LOVE pizza!

I have been wanting to see Waitress. Was it any good? I'm too lazy to go out and rent the DVD, so I was hoping it would be on Video On Demand (Pay-Per-View) and it's not. Is it worth watching?

The Nanny said...

Monica, I e-mailed you about the pizza. It's from a local place.

As for Waitress, I was really excited to watch it. But for the 1st half, I kept thinking, "Well, this was a good ATTEMPT." I mean, it was cutesy and fine, but nothing spectacular (I NEVER watch movies so I'm very picky). Halfway thru I googled it because I wanted to know where I'd seen one of the characters before. Come to find out, the one I was looking for was also the director (Adrienne Shelly) and she'd actually been murdered right before the movie came out. That really freaked me out and I spent the 2nd half of the movie watching her character going, "Wow, she's dead now." Her death was apparently really gruesome (I won't go into details b/c it really freaks me out) so that's all I could think about.

So! Sorry to be such a damper :-) but taking out of account the director/actress' death, it was a cute movie. I think I would have liked it better had I not known that about Shelly.

Monica said...

Girl, you are scaring me. Get a carbon monoxide detector now, they are like twenty bucks. And yeah, I would have done the same thing too. I'm convinced I'm dying every day.

One time in our dorm a horrible odor came wafting through the vent. It smelled like methane and my roommate and I got horrible headaches. We called down and the maintenance man came up and said he couldn't smell it. He accused the scent of coming from our candles. (Like we would burn swamp gas scented candles..). Then we got written up for having candles (illegal). Turns out SEVERAL other people got sick that day too and it was some sort of toxic gas leak. Just a random story for you.

The Nanny said...

I have a carbon monoxide detector :-)

But, with all the irrational thinking that went on that day, I just KNEW it had broken and couldn't detect the surely dangerous levels of carbon monoxide that were flooding my house!